Brandable domain name sales week 5.

It was a slow week for brandable domain name sales with not a single five-figure deal reported which meant I had to branch out from my usual sources to compile the weekly list of 20. Leading the chart this week is which is Pinyin for Sony. It changed hands on Chinese domain marketplace for ¥58,198 ($9,314) and the new owner seems to be a domain name investor with an address in Shenzhen, a Chinese city just across the border from me here in Hong Kong.  My favourite names on this list are and which was purchased from Sedo by a digital engagement company for $2,000. Personally I had my eyes set on but competition at drop catcher Pheenix is pretty much on par with Namejet and SnapNames these days which meant I had to give it a pass.

Criteria for selecting domain names for this sales report remain the same as used for the Top 100 brandable domain name sales for 2014 post:

Domain name Reported Sales Price
1. $9,314
2. $5,358
3. $4,604
4. $4,161
5. $4,000
6. $4,000
7. $3,383
8. $2,500
9. $2,369
10. $2,100
11. $2,000
12. $1,775
13. $1,400
14. $860
15. $765
16. $764
17. $762
18. $740
19. $559
20. $555

Please do keep in mind that these are the highest sales that have been reported to et al. This list is meant to help give you insights and is nowhere near complete as many sales are kept private and the major market places specializing in brandable domains do not report their sales. 

If you know of any recent, verifiable brandable domain name sales please do let me know so I can include it in next week’s report.

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  1. Hi,

    Following your blog from the beginning.Really appreciate your efforts for compiling brandable sales every week.Please try to add another column with details of sale like pending delete auction,Namejet pre release auction or reported Sedo sale etc.,So visitors will understand it’s a end user buy or a domainer buy.

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