The Brandable Domainer: Hand Reg to Sale in Two Weeks

The way most people want to negotiate in an email. They want to lay out their whole game plan and their chain of logic. What happens in that static communication is the reader gets a chance to look at where the email starts and where the email ends and they get to sit there and stare at it. Then if they don’t like where it ends they just move back, four or five moves, and take off in a different direction. So my first recommendation is to make one move at a time in an email.Chris Voss, Author of Never Split The Difference

A couple of years ago I hand regged a domain and sold it two weeks later. Doron says our readers really like to hear the details of successful domain sales. Even the small ones. So I’m gonna give the details of this one for you. As I’ve done before I’m going to publish the exact content of the emails so you can read and analyze them for yourself.

Domaining like everything else in life is a learning experience. Looking back at the emails I see some things I did well and some areas where I made mistakes or could have done better. Hopefully you can learn from them too. 

Day One
Good evening. I am writing you because I was looking to acquire a domain name that is registered to you. The name is stat/fuel/com. I am looking into doing a project for my statistics class and this domain is fitting for my project. It shows you recently acquired the domain. Is there any chance I could purchase this from you. Please let me know. Thank you for your consideration.

Day Two
I have something in mind for this domain name but I would consider selling it if the price was right. What are you willing to pay for it?

Day Three
Thanks Keith for the email. We came up with $300 for the domain. I hope this is enough for you to sell to us. We appreciate you even considering this for our project.

Day Four
The domain name Fuel/Stat/com (which I don’t own) is listed at $2,295. My domain Stat/Fuel/com is listed at Flippa for $1995. So while I appreciate your offer it’s not really in the ballpark of what would be considered a normal selling price.

Day Five
Thanks for the reply. Who actually owns stat/fuel/com?

Day Seven
Sorry Ed, I lost track of this. I don’t know who owns fuel/stat/com I have hard enough time keeping track of my own domains 🙂 I made the mistake of telling my partner about your offer and she’s bending my ear saying I should give you a break on the price. If you are still interested I guess I could meet you half way. Say around $950. Let me know if that interests you.

Day Seven
Hey Keith thanks for the email. I’m sure you have a million domains to keep track of
You are listed as the owner of Stat/Fuel/com that’s how I got a hold of you from Is that wrong? I called my professor and asked if we could increase our budget to your requested amount and she said we can only be allotted $500 for domain/digital media. I will personally throw in $100 to help out. If we can meet at $600 this would be great for us on this project. If not, and I understand, we can only take the other route and secure a domain for the project from GoDaddy. Thanks again Keith for considering this for us!

Day Eight
Yes I own Stat/Fuel/com and it forwards to my web site It’s that other one, FuelStats or something, that I do not own. Sorry for the confusion. I do want to work with you but $600 is a third of my original price. Ouch! I think if you can meet me at $750 then I’m ready to roll with you on this.

Day Eight
Thank you for all the help! I’ll go get the $… I’ll update you on our project we try and execute. How would you recommend we move forward for the acquisition of Stat/Fuel/com for $750. Again much thanks!


My Takeaways from the negotiation
I was the weaker party in the negotiation. I got less than half of my asking price. This is obvious when you look at the progression of the offers.

Buyer: $300
Me: $1995
Buyer: $300
Me: $950
Buyer: $600
Me: $750
Buyer: Sold!!

Giving the buyer a comp using a similar domain that was available for purchase was a huge mistake. An error which unnerved me and caused me to feel I needed to give a big reduction in order to keep the deal alive. On the bright side I made a quick flip and received 75 times my investment (free of commission) in two weeks.

A few weeks after the sale a website went up on the domain. It was the beta version of a sports stats service. It remains live and in beta mode to this day.

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6 thoughts on “The Brandable Domainer: Hand Reg to Sale in Two Weeks”

  1. Congrats on that sale!

    Thanks Keith for sharing and that too in very much detail. Best part is where you admitted what mistake you did and shared publicly so others don’t repeat it. I really appreciate that and agree with what you said where you went wrong. Not most who admit and when you do, you’re on a successful path not to repeat mistakes and do what is right in future.

    Wish you all the very best Keith 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing the gory details. I appreciate your willingness to give us the benefit of your experience.

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