Brandable Insider #45 – Making Money from Hand Registered Domain Names


A step by step, case study on how to find and register brandable domain names with the potential for end user sales up to $2,500.   In this episode you’ll get a thorough analysis of the pros and cons of hand registered domains versus purchasing domains in the aftermarket plus a side by side comparison and step by step instructions. Don’t miss it!

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1 thought on “Brandable Insider #45 – Making Money from Hand Registered Domain Names”

  1. Whistleblower Online

    Keith….i’ve hand registered a few winners since arriving on the domain scene a few years ago, but my approach differs from yours. For instance I just hand registered where is valued by GD at $5,961, but unavailable to purchase. There are a lot of potential uses for my domain, but what I’ve learned I need to either develop the name myself or “target” market it to potential “end users”. You might say I’m on a mission to make .online a viable alternative to .com.

    I haven’t stopped registering .com’s altogether….i just hand registered due to the aggressive nature of my law firm. Thanks for the podcast Keith☺

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