Brandable Insider #52 – Anatomy of a $5 million Portfolio with Markus Nystrom


In this wide ranging interview features Markus Nystrom, the founder and owner of  Markus, a 6 year, million dollar, brandable domainer spills the beans on all his insider techniques for building a profitable portfolio.  Plus a dozen of his recent sales and all the details on acquisition methods and pricing. Don’t miss it!

Domain sales discussed in this podcast include:

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1 thought on “Brandable Insider #52 – Anatomy of a $5 million Portfolio with Markus Nystrom”

  1. Two things of followup.

    First, it sounded like you prefer Brandbucket over Squadhelp? If so I am curious why.

    Second, you mentioned that Squadhelp allows you to list on Afternic but you have to do it yourself while Brandbuck automatically lists on Sedo for you. This is only partially true. Because in addition to manual Afternic listings Squadhelp will also automatically list on Sedo for you too. So you are getting on Sedo either way its just Squadhelp has the added benefit of Afternic listings too if you manage them (which I am sure is due to Afternic limitations more than anything)

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