Brandable Insider #65 -The Secret to Catching Tech Trends

Many domain investors try to catch the first wave by madly hand registering domains like VRkitchen and 3Dfork and GanjaJeans in the hope of getting in early and making mega profits. But what usually happens is these emotionally registered domain names get dropped a few years later because nothing has sold. 

So the second wave in a new tech trend is often a better time to acquire domains when the trend has become clear rather than an early hand reg, which is likely an unmarketable,  junk domain name. 

Your next question should be, how do I know when it’s time for the second wave?

Well that requires a longer explanation which is the focus of today’s episode.

This will be my last podcast for a while……….. Thanks for listening!!

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1 thought on “Brandable Insider #65 -The Secret to Catching Tech Trends”

  1. Thank you so much Keith for sharing your knowledge and experience. Happy vacation and hope to hear from you soon!

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