The Brandable Insider: Hand Regged Domains Doing Well in the Aftermarket

There’s been a lot of talk in recent months about the rising demand for brandable domains in the aftermarket. It seems more and more domainers are hopping on the brandable domain train and pushing up prices in the drops and auctions. I’ve noticed that, in some cases, domains that were hand registered less than a year ago are selling for as much as $200.

Here’s a few samples from January 2017, as reported by Namebio, listed by domain name, hand reg date (month & year), sale price in Jan 2017 and marketplace.

  • AdviceLabs .com Dec 2015 $100 GoDaddy
  • Dinnerr .com Dec 2012 $100 GoDaddy
  • Brighterr .com Dec 2015 $106 GoDaddy
  • Openerr .com Oct 2015 $112 Flippa
  • ChicLabs .com Dec 2015 $147 GoDaddy
  • Shiirts .com Dec 2016 $150 Flippa
  • LenderTown .com Sep 2016 $203 NameJet
  • GoSurplus .com Dec 2014 $207 GoDaddy

This list supports two trends I observed in 2016:

    In 2016, the keyword + “labs” trend for brandables crystallized. They are almost impossible to hand reg at this point and this is pushing up aftermarket prices.
    Double letter brandables continue to sell to endusers and domainers are eager to acquire them in some cases for $100 or more.

Some intriguing brandables for sale this week at NameJet:

8 thoughts on “The Brandable Insider: Hand Regged Domains Doing Well in the Aftermarket”

  1. Wow, can’t believe Dinnerr was reg recently!

    This year I have already sold 2 hand reg names.

    Lalaxy and FriendCrate, both paid $1/each (july and october) and just sold them $95 each.

    Both were rejected by BrandBucket

  2. Thank you for your great post Keith. The problem in investing in brandables is to know the the trend. Like CVCVCV, double letter brandables, 2 words with strong word combinations like your last posts. I still don’t get the clue in strong words like labs. For example I just hand reg, I know bit is a strong keyword from your last post, but I don’t know if FaveBit is a good brandable or not.

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