The Brandable Insider: Your Name Could Be a Brand!

Personal names, especially those of females, have been used as brands for a hundred years. Notable companies like Chanel, Boeing, Sara Lee and Wendy’s set the example a long time ago. In modern times Silicon Valley style entrepreneurs are following in their footsteps. Specifically I’m thinking of tech companies like McAfee, Bose and Dell. Further examples would be the urban moving app at, the transportation and logistics company at and the telecommunications firm at

Why are they good brandables?
Because they are short, memorable and familiar these kinds of domains convey a comfortable feeling. What more could you ask for in a brand? The problem is, for start-ups and small businesses, these female first names in the dot-com extension can be expensive. This past week sold for $6,000. But first names that are more common usually sell for a whole lot more. Over the past several years many have changed hands for serious 5 figures. Examples include ($21K), ($50K), ($60K), ($65K), ($90K) and ($95K). Sometimes they can go even higher. is one example. It sold for $250K way back in 2008.

Can you hack it?
Due to the rarity and high price tags of female domain names, hacks of these, and other, names have become acceptable as brandables. These kinds of domains can be found for sale at BrandBucket and other domain marketplaces. I own several myself. By the way, these personal name hacks are rarer than you might think and you’ll have a hard time finding an acceptable one as a hand reg. However, they can sometimes be picked up in the drops at reasonable prices. This week ($631), ($450) and ($170) were sold, we assume, to domainers who will try to resell them to end users in the mid $X,XXX range. So far small to mid-sized companies seem willing to purchase these kinds of personal name hacks and the business skills website, and the photography services site at are two examples of this.

Domains that sold this past week for under $200 include:

  • $140
  • $45
  • $17
  • $189
  • $119
  • $106
  • $30
  • $103
  • $22
  • $12
  • $160
  • $160
  • $114
  • $118
  • $106
  • $32
  • $25
  • $125
  • $33
  • $105
  • $187

Disclaimer: Sales above $100 are sourced to Sales reported at less than $100 are more difficult to source and confirm. So if you bought a domain and the sale price is misrepresented here please tell me so I can correct it. Thanks!

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  1. First name also good investment : (18,960 $), (25,850 $), (50,000 $), (230,000 $), (15,000 $),, etc. (16,504)

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