The Brandable Insider: Creating a List of Strong, Brandable Keywords

Several people have messaged me asking where they can find a list of strong, trendy, brandable keywords. The answer is everywhere and nowhere. No such list exists, that I know of, except in the toolbox of successful brandable domainers. It’s a list that’s subjective and evolves over time. It’s a list that no two domainers will agree on. It’s a list that comes from analysis, observation and experience. It’s the summation of hours spent at sites like NameBio, TechCrunch, DomainSherpa, AngelList, CrunchBase, BrandBucket, Startups-list and BrandRoot. Looking, analyzing, evaluating and deciding the relative value of each word. After a while it becomes intuitive. But in the beginning you need a written list.

For those that don’t have such a list, I’ll get you started. The way I’m going to do that is by showing you sample brands for existing startups in some of the most relevant technology niches of today. Not every keyword listed is a tier one brandable word. But most of them are. So get out your keyboard and create and refine your keyword list!

AgTech – FarmLogs, FarmNote, CropTrak, AgSquared, AgWorld, CropMetrics, SmartFarm, OnFarm, Grownetics, FarmLink, AgraLogics, HydroBio, Cropzilla, AgroStar, HungryHarvest, FreightFarms, AeroFarms, Farmigo, AgroStar, FarmDog, Agrible, FieldIn, Farmobile, AquaSpy, CropX, VitalFields

CyberSecurity – TwistLock, PinDrop, SentinelOne, FireGlass, Cynet, SafeBreach, ProtectWise

Sensors – NestLabs, CrowdOptic, Chronocam, PlantSense, SynTouch, VisionSense, OptiSense

Space Travel – SpaceX, Astrobotic, SpaceAngels, ConnectX, LiftPort, MicroLaunchers, OffGlobe, UnitedSpace

Autonomous Vehicles – ZenDrive, Parkbob, Tesloop, OpenLane, Nutonomy, Otonomo, ViaMotors, EagleRider, SafeFleet, FlexiCab, LandRoller

Internet of Things – SmartThings, Trackr, August, Nest, WorldSensing, Microtronics, Ring, Withings

Virtual and Augmented Reality – TeliportMe, MediaSpike, LucidVR, IrisVR, OmniVirt

On-Demand Food – BlueApron, GrubMarket, Deliveroo, FoodGenius, Munchery, Sprig, InstaCart, Plated, Freshly, HomeChef, SmartLunches, PurpleCarrot, SpoonRocket

Drones – RaptorMaps, AirWood, SkySquirrel, LeadingEdge, DroneDeploy, Airware, DroneBase, DroneSmith, SkyFront, FlySpan, DroneMedia, SkyCatch

Artificial Intelligence – DataRobot, DataMinr, Numenta, SkyMind, GradeScope, AtomWise, TalkIQ, DigitialGenius, DeepInstinct, OrbitalInsight, VoyagerLabs, MindMeld, SkyTree

Sharing Economy – Airbnb, Uber, Lyft, SnapGoods, DogBuddy, HomeSuite, LiquidSpace, DogVacay, TaskRabbit, GetAround, LendingClub, SideCar, SteadyFare, PoshMark

Wearables – FitBit, MyZone, DopplerLabs, BodyCap, HexoSkin, GymTrack, GoPro, JawBone, Pebble, BodyMedia, SoundHound, MarkOne, Eyefluence, MysteryVibe

Virtual Currencies – ButterCoin, CoinBase, BlockCypher, BlockStream, BitWall, BitBox, CoinSetter, BitStamp, CoinCove, GoCoin

Ok, now you’ve got your starter list. Keep developing it by visiting the tech sites and watch for old trends dying and new ones sprouting up in their place. It takes time but its a worthwhile investment in your future success.

Meanwhile, take a gander at these brandables up for sale at NameJet this week:

12 thoughts on “The Brandable Insider: Creating a List of Strong, Brandable Keywords”

  1. Hi Keith, thank you for the great list. I have try this and see this kind of names are popular, some of available names has been used by a lot of brand. But Brandbucket has rejected them. I have, wich has been used by some companies too, and I think it is popular. What do you thing Keith about these sample. Why doesn’t match BB criteria? Thank you.

    1. Hi Surya,
      Great question. I wrote a blog about this a few months ago. It talks about keyword strength and keyword synergy.
      In regard to the names you’ve given I would say:
      JointScope – Scope is a mediocre keyword and Joint is a weak keyword. Together they don’t have much synergy or obvious application to trending startup niches. At least I don’t see any.
      FirstCabs – These are two strong keywords and the synergy is fair. The problem is the plural. FirstCab would be a very strong brandable. But the plural makes it very weak.
      Both of these names can still still. Every name has a potential buyer somewhere. However, these two did not rise to BrandBucket’s standards for their niche market focus.
      Thanks again for a great question and good luck with your brandables in 2017!

  2. Hi Keith, can I ask one more question? How to decide wich best for the first and the second keyword. For example and, both are popular. But is more popular. Both keywords are name of goods, how to decided which is better? Thank you in advance Keith.

    1. Generally, there is an adjective or modifier and then a noun or subject. For example HungryHarvest. However some nouns can also be used as a modifier. For example DataFarm and FarmData are both good domains. Same for AeroTech and TechGeek both are good. I see LinkAero is being used for an Arab company but in the US that would not be an acceptable usage of Aero for the majority of Americans.

  3. The problem is everyone is after the same keywords, and bidding them over what end users are willing to pay.

    You have to bid smart, not stupid.

  4. Great article as usual Keith. About the Arab company using the words in an unacceptable format or word order is because the Arabic language is structured such…. for example , in Arabic they say The House Big…. البيت الكبير , which is that the noun comes before the adjective so when most create or translate into English, the mother tongue interferes which that creates awkward sentence.

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