Brandable Insider Domain Reveiw #20 – Featuring Doron Vermaat


I’m super excited to share with you this in-depth interview with DnGeek and Efty founder, Doron Vermaat.  In this episode Doron reveals his secret formula for selling brandables in alternative extensions. Then, Doron and I discuss his Top Ten end-user sales of the year!

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CORRECTION: BlockParty was sold in the .CO extension not the .IO

2 thoughts on “Brandable Insider Domain Reveiw #20 – Featuring Doron Vermaat”

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  2. Hi Keith/Doron,

    Thank you for sharing so much about your sales, Doron. It was good to hear your thought process behind picking your names and how you handle probable buyers and negotiation. Congrats on selling so many names with plenty of time left to go this year.

    Keep up the great work guys, I enjoy everyone of these podcasts!

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