Brandable Insider Domain Review #10

PODCAST: Our special focus this week is short, invented domain names from the wholesale, expired domain aftermarket. Plus the usual colorful analysis of two keyword domain sales and the Dog of the Day.

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Domains discussed in this podcast include:

6 thoughts on “Brandable Insider Domain Review #10”

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  3. Dang I just caught myself listening to this whole thing.

    My mind has really opened up to the ‘virtual real-estate’ world over the years. It truly is a science. Recently saw this on Hackernews. Not sure if you’re aware but you need to be, a domain seeking tool actually worth a damn! I think you’ll be hooked lmao. I check it every day like clockwork. @

    Cheers keep it up… you’ve got some skills with these podcasts gonna explore your site it’s right up my alley

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