Brandable Insider Domain Review #4


Lively commentary on this weeks brandable domain sales from the GoDaddy expired domain auctions plus… another “pricing contest” between two similar domains!

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The Brandable Insider is a weekly podcast created and hosted by Keith DeBoer; a domain industry writer and investor. Each podcast features insider advice on how to buy domain names at wholesale prices and market them to startup companies for significant profits.

Domains reviewed this week include:

Thanks for listening!

14 thoughts on “Brandable Insider Domain Review #4”

    1. Hello friend any chance of these names being reviewed? SAD= Stress Anxiety Depression

      Stay safe Michael. 

      1. Thanks Michael,
        In the future I may do an episode where I review one or two domains from each listener who has submitted domains to me. I’ll keep yours in mind. Thanks for listening!

    2. Thanks KJ
      Tried to find you on Twitter but I guess you are not there.
      Follow me if you are:

  1. I am glad I found this unique little podcast where I learned a lot new things. Already looking forward to your next podcast, branding is very interesting. Thank you!

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