Brandable Insider Domain Review #6 – Colors


The Role and Value of Colors in Brandable Domains

In this special edition of the Brandable Insider I discuss the role of colors in brandables and which colors (black/white/red) are most popular and are generally more valuable.

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The domains discussed in this episode include:

NOTE: A Google search reveals that there are a couple of companies that have Green Anchors as part of their brand. One is an eco-industrial park using for their website and another is an anchor manufacturer using the domain,

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8 thoughts on “Brandable Insider Domain Review #6 – Colors”

  1. Thanks Keith. As a newbie, I’ve developed my knowledge on brandable domains – thanks you.

    I missed out on a domain in the GD Closeout; TopFeast dot com. If there’s anything I’ve learnt from your podcasts, it is your emphasis on “sweet spot,” which I believe this domain ticks.

    What do you think about the keywords? Any synergy?

    1. Hey Dayo,
      TopFeast is as you say is short and sweet. Easy to say and spell. Also “top” is a very strong keyword but Feast isn’t and that’s the weakness her. I’m also not sure about the synergy and if/how a company would find this domain desirable. If I owned this I’d list it on Afternic for $899 and let it expire after a year if it doesn’t sell.
      Good luck and thanks for listening!

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