The Brandable Insider: Double-Letter Domain Sales in 2016

Double-letter brandables were a popular topic this past week. DNgeek founder, Doron Vermaat, reported on the sale of and BrandBucket Managing Director, Michael Krell discussed double-letter domains in his seller podcast. So I thought I’d go with the flow and give a 2016 sales update. Before I do that I’ll remind readers that in June I wrote two articles on this topic. In the first one I outlined my personal criteria for buying double-letter brandables. In the second, I analyzed the prior 10 years of sales.

A trend emerges
When searching NameBio for short, double-letter brandables I found only 10 sales for the period of 2005 to 2010. However, things picked up from 2011 and 2014 when 22 sold. Sales accelerated further in 2015 when 14 double-letter sales were reported. This was twice as many as any year in the prior decade according to my NameBio research.

At that point I sensed an emerging micro-trend. So in the spring of 2016 I hand regged about 100 short, double-letter brandables most of which were accepted for publication on BrandBucket. Since then I’ve sold 5 of them. At least a dozen other Brand Bucket sellers have reported double-letter brandable sales on NamePros and in other venues as well. I would also venture to guess that a number of these types of names have also sold on Afternic this year. But that’s just my guess. The point I’m making is that NameBio doesn’t catch all sales and the list below is likely to be far from comprehensive.

Sales in 2016
So far I’ve found 28 sales on NameBio for 2016 and I’ve listed them here in random order. That’s already double the number of sales from 2015. Prices seem to be rising too. In 2015 the average sale price was about $1300. This year the average is over $1800. You can see prices vary widely from $32 to $18,000 depending on the strength of the keyword and whether or not it was bought by a domainer or possibly an end user.

  • $18,000
  • $8,623
  • $143
  • $32
  • $360
  • $472
  • $320
  • $2,300
  • $885
  • $142
  • $982
  • $250
  • $611
  • $558
  • $10,000
  • $110
  • $227
  • $335
  • $787
  • $405
  • $100
  • $299
  • $233
  • $116
  • $2,000
  • $121
  • $631
  • $501

Cautions and Conclusions
1) I notice that all of these sales were for names that were 8 letters or less. Length is a key factor. Longer names have less demand. All of my sales of double-letter brandables were for domains that were 6 or 7 letters long including the doubled letter.

2) A few of the names above have a double letter at the start. In my experience that is not desirable unless you have a short, killer keyword. Most times you want to double up a middle vowel or ending consonant for maximum sale-ability.

3) Another caution is this only works for single words. Doubling up on two keyword domains like EverMaark is not a promising strategy in the current market. Also, in my personal experience, BrandBucket will not accept compound words with double letters such as Benchmaark, Blaackbird etc. So be careful there too.

4) Lastly, this is a micro-trend. Like any domaining trend it is speculative. Only a small percentage of the double-letter domains that get bought or registered will sell to end users before the trend falls out of favor. So be sure to diversify your portfolio and select quality over quantity.

If you are aware of other double-letter brandable sales I’ve missed I’d love to hear about them in the comment section below.

Check out these brandable domains available at NameJet this week:

7 thoughts on “The Brandable Insider: Double-Letter Domain Sales in 2016”

    1. Hi Valery, I haven’t seen any sales of double ‘s’ plurals but as domains become rarer and more in demand the parameters expand and long shots can turn into nice sales. Good luck to you!

  1. I think that you did not include the 40k sale of humann by uniregistry and a few other sales. There are also some missing sales from namebio, like: bblogger, scrubb, , ribbs, hoobby and others . In the last months looks like brandroot has started counting as well on double letters domains. If you count all double letter names sold in 2016 in all marketplaces and also private sales( as much as we can find out) I think that there are well over 100 name sold. You did well buying early this year. You, Michael Krell and couple of other big players own most of the good double letter names out there….great job.

    1. Thanks for your comment. You have confirmed my feeling that there are lots of double-letter brandable sales out there that I have yet to uncover. I appreciate you sharing a few with us.

  2. Hi Keith as always a great post. We have ( fangdai is “home loans” in chinese) curious if youve seen any “pinyin” sales of these-thank you.

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