The Brandable Insider: Grubs Are Gross and Keywords Are Trendy

“[In 2017] brandable domain names will continue to be a popular form of investment for many domainers.”James Iles

Some brandable domains are classic. I’m talking about names like NatureLab ($22K), FoodFuture ($25K), MarketingToday ($1.5 mill), and Altavista ($3.2 mill). But if you’re like me and you’re focused on brands for startup companies with relatively shallow pockets, then brandable names and keywords can be a bit more temporal, jumpy and trending.

Digestive disruption
Over the past few years, there’s been disruption in the retail food industry. Innovative entrepreneurs have been providing delivery based, subscription and on-demand food services to millions of people. Their services include everything from weekly groceries to customized, pre-measured ingredients and home-cooked meals.

These companies have selected brands like BlueApron, Munchery, Plated, Zomato, Forkable and Sprig. This has made keywords like fork, spoon, plate, apron, soup and mint popular choices among brandable domainers catering to that niche.

From gross to great
Recently, however, I’ve discovered an additional trending word. Grub.

I think it’s probably just my generation, but when I hear the word ‘grub’ I think of short, ugly worms. It’s the last term I’d expect to have a positive association with a food based enterprise.

But hey. What do I know?

Rising grub-u-larity
Today grub appears to be one of the popular keywords amongst startups in the food sector. These include companies like GrubHub, GrubMarket, GrubClub, EatGrub, GrubCanada and GrubRunner.

I also found the following domains listed at BrandBucket: GrubLab, DailyGrub, TastyGrub, OnlineGrub and GrubCrowd. Plus a few listed at BrandRoot and Namerific: CoffeeGrub, GrubSearch and LionGrub .

Namebio shows this keyword has been bought and sold for a few years. Where have I been?

These include: $2,500 2016-05-25 $165 2016-05-16 $111 2016-04-07 $510 2015-11-30 $140 2015-04-04 $660 2014-06-07 $1,088 2014-01-26

Selling my soul
Now while I do find the keyword ‘grub’ to be gross. I’m perfectly willing to give my potential customers whatever they like, regardless of my taste. So I’m now the (proud?) owner of Grow/Grub dot-com. Let’s see if it finds a home with an end user. 🙂

Here’s some ‘tasty’ branadable domains for sale at NameJet:

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