The Brandable Insider: Is Less Really More?

Today, once and for all I’m going to answer the big question that’s been keeping domainers up at night for almost a decade. This a question often asked by new domainers and in today’s blog I’m going to give you the absolute, final and definitive answer to the long standing question: is it better to have a domain name in the singular or the plural? Is less really more? The unequivocal answer is: It just depends

Generic domains
If you’re buying a domain for a directory, a professional association or product sales then you may want to go with the plural. Why? Because often times consumers will do a search using the plural and having the plural may improve the site’s search ability. But there’s no guarantee of that because the potential for web traffic is not a static figure. It’s not based solely on the monthly search volume in Google keyword planner. You need to consult an SEO expert if you’re buying a generic domain for development and you want to maximize search volume, click through rates, conversion, traffic optimization and more.

Brandable domains
For brandables though it’s a different story. You’re buying a domain that you hope will be the eventual name and brand for a company. Sure the company may sell products but these days companies are not calling themselves Acme Widgets. They have names like Widgetly or Widgetize or AcroWidget etc. So in the case of brandables my default preference is for the singular. In some rare instances the plural may be preferable. But generally, these days, companies want their name, and brand, in the singular version.

If you doubt what I’m saying then ponder this: eBays, Facebooks, Apples, Microsofts, GoDaddys, SalesForces, TechCrunches. You get the point?

So in my opinion the default for a brandable domain is the singular version. The great majority of startups have their brand in the singular ie. Slack, SnapChat, Uber, HomeHero, Medium, DollarShave, Shyp, Gigster, HackerOne, ClassPass, FashionMetric etc. However, there will always be exceptions to every rule. For example Postmates, Zenefits and Naked Labs (yes it’s a real company) have chosen the plural for their brand.

So think through each situation carefully, know your target market and be wary of the plural. In most cases it’s the inferior version of a potentially brandable domain. Save yourself a keystroke and maximize potential profits by leaving out the ‘s’ on your next brandable domain reg or purchase.

Today’s Quiz
Now let me test your evaluation skills. This week, the following domains sold in the drops with the plural version. ($1950), ($110), ($152) and ($270). Would the singular version have been better for any or all of these names? Give me your thoughts in the comment section below.

Is It Your Lucky Day?
Ok, I’m gonna change it up this week. Instead of giving you sold names here’s a list of brandable domains CURRENTLY AVAILABLE in the Go Daddy closeouts (as of press time) priced between $5 and $11. If you buy one let me know in the comment section.


Thanks for reading. May all your sales be to endusers!

18 thoughts on “The Brandable Insider: Is Less Really More?”

  1. Keith, it’s so amazing the difference a little ‘s’ can make!

    If the business is doing really well online though, you should get both the singular and the plural to cover typos.

    This of course won’t always be possible.

    Just make sure your web designer doesn’t brainwash you to believe that more than one domain is “for the bad people” :0)

  2. is a great pickup for that price and the plural is def the better domain for this one imo. There’s a whole bunch of startups that offer monthly subscriptions for coffee beans these days and Best Blends would make a great brand for such a company.

    1. I agree: great name at a great price. Nice alliteration and broad applicability. Not only can it be used for coffee subscriptions, which are hot right now, but also tea, marijuana and clothing products as well.

  3. ($1950), ($110), ($152) and

    PLural are best ones for all of these.

    But, singular is the best one for most of one word brandable names.

  4. What about I hand registered this one yesterday but after careful consideration I canceled the domain purchase and asked for a refund!
    As for your domain names I think plural is best.

  5. Hi Keith, a very interesting post again, thank you. My opinion is, there are two kinds of brandables, first brandable with a alphabet pattern, like CVCVCV, 6L Family name ending with er, first name, domains with fy, ly, z, and thypo always better in singular. The second brandable is brandable name with combinations of popular words, like best (bestblend), buzz (playbuzz), 1800 (1800flowers), 247 (trademark247), planet (planetfitness), the (thedomains), animal (foxmind), etc always good in 2 world plural. I think there are high price patterns in Brandable domains. Some good in singular others in plural . What do you think Keith?




    1. That’s the kind of service you would get through a paid subscription but…….. I will try to include a few brandables from the Go Daddy closeouts in my weekly blog. Cheers!

  7. Just visited and it redirected me to
    They were smart to grab both.
    Since it’s a forum, the plural is definitely the better.

  8. About the quiz.. For me tips and tags are better fit with the plural.
    Blend and travel could do very well also in the singular form. Is hard to say if travel and blend can sell higher in singular because it depends from the business that use it.
    Eager to hear Keith’s answer 🙂

    1. As you have said, in the end it depends on the application of the domain. Particularity for blend. That one could go either way. But I would always prefer travel in the singular.

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