The Brandable Insider: Looking Back on the Year in Domaining

We’re coming to the end of another calendar year. Time to look back and assess what went on in the domain industry. I thought one interesting way to do that would be to look back at what leaders in our industry said a year ago. If you remember, our friend Domain Shane, was kind enough to organize and publish (here and here) the ruminations of several domain industry leaders back in December of 2015. They gave their thoughts on what might be in store for 2016.

Here are some of the things they said. Keep in mind that these folks made their comments in the last month of 2015, right at the height of the CHIP market frenzy. Let me know in the comment section who you think had the most accurate crystal ball for 2016. Ok, here we go………

Andy Booth said:

    I think it’s safe to say that trend sectors (like short and numeric dot-com) will almost certainly be at a higher point come the end of the year. I would invest in special 4 letter domains with a pattern (AABB, ABAB, ABBB, AAAB) or raise a little more cash (go in with a couple of friends) to buy a 4 number dot-com.

Drew Rosener saw increasing value in:

    Super brandable/mind share expressions (two word .com) or in 3 letter dot-net or dot-org domains.

Steven Kennedy wrote:

    I think the Chinese inspired commodity-style pricing of short dot-com’s will continue throughout the year. Auction prices will keep getting closer and closer to end user prices. To new investors with $5K to spend, I’d recommend digging deep in research to track down the owner of a great dot-com that is not in active use. It’s a lot of work, but it’s still possible to find great names overlooked by others.

James Booth said:

    I believe that anything more than 5 numbers is just pointless even for China. I think 4N dot-coms are going to increase the most in regards to %. I personally would put it into a premium nice,, or buy 2 Asian/Western LLLL.coms. I think people going crazy on, and other extensions like etc is just a waste of cash.

Oliver Hoger wrote:

    In 2016 I see the market higher than now especially with vowels and 7 Numbers .com there will be a market also. 6 Number market will hit new highs. 5L 5N 6N 7N 8N will be trading in the Chinese market all domains will get registered as markets develop and in 2016 I see the market higher than now especially with vowels and 7 Numbers .com there will be a market also. 6 Number market will hit new highs.

Yoni said that:

    Besides the Chinese pinyin names (which I anticipate to stagnate or go down further), I would say that the short & number (commodity style) names are more likely going to go up further. I would say pure numeric names have even further potential due to the scarcity of those names vs other possible combinations. If we are talking about Chinese style commodity names, the higher value names you go for, you are taking on a lower ROI potential in exchange for lower risk. So it mainly depends on how risk averse you are. My preferred balance of risk vs ROI potential lies with 4L.coms (CHIPS) and with 5N.coms. For me those are my preferable asset classes.

Josh Eisenhower’s thoughts were:

    I think that eventually Pattern 6L AAABBB, ABABAB anything like that will be better than random 5L chips, because of the pattern. I think things like AABB-Vowel will increase in value. We all know the Chinese don’t hate vowels and at 5L the pattern of AABB will overcome non pattern with an ending, beginning or middle vowel. Also I think 5L names that are CVCVC or VCVCV  type combinations will increase in popularity. 5 letters that are pronounceable will be just as popular or more popular than 5L chips.

Giuseppe Graziano was cautious and said:

    I think there is a high chance of a correction in the market at the end of 2016, specifically between October and November………….The advice I am giving to friends & clients is that 2016 is a good year to stay liquid and take advantage of buying opportunities that will become available in 2017.

Shane Cultra suggested:

    If risk wasn’t a factor, I would tell them to buy a with no 4 but a zero for the best return. For the safest return with possible growth I would tell them to buy good western letter with an A in it. They are a good deal right now but they have become much less of a deal over the last few weeks. People were ignoring all vowels and that was a mistake.

What do you think? In hindsight who gave the best advice for 2016? Let us know in the comments below.

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5 thoughts on “The Brandable Insider: Looking Back on the Year in Domaining”

  1. No particular rule. Bought n a couple of months ago for $1500+ each., despite having a ‘V’ sold at $7200 while , on sedo December auction right now, is struggling to meet the reserve !

  2. It’s always interesting to look back at past predictions to see how accurate they were. This is a pretty nice summary. The industry as a whole will be slowly changing even more to accommodate all the new gTLDs moving through 2017.

  3. Don’t cut these guys any slack just because they were making their predictions in December 2015. It wasn’t obligatory to look through rose-tinted spectacles. At that point, I had spent 3 months predicting a downturn in the Chinese domain market. In public. And despite being smeared by a few of these guys who had money at stake.

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