The Brandable Insider: Shopping for Domains Using Automated Tools and Curated Lists

Having a full time job means I have to wake up extra early each morning to get my domaining work done. I also work on my domain business in the evening but my morning shift consists of researching and reviewing the hundreds of auctions closing on that day. I look for sales ending at GoDaddy, Flippa, Snap Names, Pheenix and NameJet. Since each platform has thousands of daily auctions I use a wide variety of automated search tools and curated lists to save time.

Automated Tools

  • is an amazing platform that’s used by domainers around the world. It’s advanced search tool accesses tens of thousands of domains at multiple marketplaces in a matter of seconds. The website is the work of a man called Marco who lives in Germany and provides this amazing service for free. He deserves a heap of gratitude for providing us with this super helpful tool at no charge.

Auction Lists
In addition, I review several lists. These tend to be the most popular auctions for that day. As a result the bids can run high and one has to be careful not to over pay. Occasionally however, some good domains fall through cracks and can be picked up for a good price. The best part is that you can access these lists for free!

  • is not to be confused with the dot-net site I discussed above, this website publishes a daily list of expiring domain auctions at GoDaddy.
  •, managed by Raymond Hackney, publishes a daily list of expiring domain auctions ending that day. They appear to reproduce the list from while also adding relevant commentary. In addition Raymond publishes a daily list of selected auctions ending at Flippa, NameJet and NamePros.
  • is one of the most popular blogs in the domaining industry and features a daily list of auctions ending at GoDaddy, NameJet and Flippa with a special focus on numerics, CHIPs and alternative TLDs.
  •’s Domain Discoveries highlights quality domains at auction and gives the history of their prior sales price and sales venue.
  • sometimes publishes a curated list of auctions ending at various platforms on a given day.

GD Closeouts

  • publishes a selected list of domains that have just entered the Go Daddy closeouts with buy it now prices of $11.
  • also sometimes publishes its own curated list of Go Daddy closeout domains.

Hand Registration

  • uses algorithms to search thousands of domains and identify those that they think have value. You can also access domains that did not sell at their expiring auctions and are now available for hand registration.

What tools and lists do you use to find good buying opportunities? Let us know in the comments below.

And last but not least, check out DNgeek’s own curated list of brandables available at NameJet this week!

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    You said not to confuse both and you ended up confusing both yourself! 🙂

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