The Brandable Insider: The Synergy of Keywords

A major component of two word, brandable domains is the quality and relevance of their keywords. Terms like social, smart, media, cloud, health, tech and travel are all in high demand by both domainers and end users alike. But there’s another important, and often overlooked, aspect to a quality brandable. And that’s synergy. I’m talking about the interaction, cooperation and combined effect of all the letters, words and sounds in the name.

Let’s examine keyword synergy in light of this week’s sales:

Sound Synergy: A good brandable is easy to say and easy to remember. Alliteration, vowel patterns and familiar phrases all create a pleasing synergy of sound in the mind of potential customers. Examples: ($479) and$248).

Emotional Synergy: Another synergy occurs when the words in the name are compatable and ‘feel’ good together. Examples: ($293), ($260) and ($1802).

Visual Synergy: A good brandable is concise, symmetrical and creates strong imagery. Examples: ($1000) and ($300).

Brain Synergy: When the words in a name have a logical relationship it allows the customer to identify and bond with the brand more easily. Examples: ($363) and ($3,988).

On the other side the coin, sold this week for $1330. Although it contains two powerful keywords and they are related in meaning, the synergy and brand ability of this keyword combination is, in my opinion, limited. I’m not saying it’s not a valuable domain. I’m just saying that its value as a brandable is limited in comparison to names like,, or even

New Skill or Overkill?
This may seem like a lot of intellectualizing and yes, in the beginning it is. But after months and even years of practice, the evaluation process becomes automatic and instinctual.

To throw a final monkey wrench into this discussion I’d like to emphasize that evaluating brandable domains is very subjective. It requires an instantaneous computation in the brain of the domainer. As always beauty, or in this case value, is in the eyes of the beholder. Just because we like the domain and see great synergy in it. Doesn’t mean there will be many, or any, others who share our vision and enthusiasm for the name. To be a successful brandable domainer we have to see domains from the perspective of others. Specifically end users, entrepreneurs and startups who are our target customers.

Other notable sales this past week include:

  • $193
  • $975
  • $134
  • $336
  • $178
  • $205

Brandables in the GoDaddy Closeouts as of May 7, 2016 include:


Keith deBoer

Keith DeBoer is a domain writer, investor and host of the Brandable Insider podcast.

14 thoughts to “The Brandable Insider: The Synergy of Keywords”

  1. Nice writeup as usual. And thanks Keith for the Godaddy Closeouts picks! Already grabbed Zanuba, EpicFront and CyberFlat. They seem great to me, so many thanks.

  2. Great advice Keith. Most of the time brandables are hard to truly figure out. Startups will fall in love with the craziest domains. 🙂

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