What’s my take home pay on $100k in domain sales?

Most investors across their entire portfolio, would say their average is 2% – 3%. They’ll sell 2% to 3% of their domain names per year. 

 – Michael Cyger

This past week Andrew Allemann at Domain Name Wire did a great interview with veteran domainer, Mark Levine, about his 2018 brandable domain sales.  In the interview Mark lays out his domain acquisition strategy and sales philosophy as well as sample sale details, his portfolio size, acquisition costs and other items you don’t often hear in this type of  discussion. So I highly recommend it.

At the same time, despite his best efforts, Andrew may have left many readers with a skewed picture of Mark’s actual bottom line profit on the 48 domains that he sold this year through Afternic, BrandBucket and Efty landing pages.  Some might think that Mark’s $114,000 in sales minus the $3,400 he paid for those domains would mean a 97% profit. Right? 

Nope. Not even close. 

I would estimate his bottom line profit at 50%.

Here’s why.

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Escrow service DN.com reports 2.9 million in transactions for Q2

I just received a report from China based escrow service DN.com which shows some interesting insights in how the Chinese market is doing and what type of domain name transactions they’ve been handling during the past 3 months The company handled over 2.94 million US dollars in transactions across 254 transactions.  This is slightly up from Q1 when the company handled 2.7 million in transactions. Interesting is to see that transactions slowed down considerably during June which might be related to the stock market plunge in the country. It’s refreshing to see a escrow service that is being transparent about transaction volumes and willing to share valuable insights.

Here’s the full report:

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Escrow service DN.com reports 2.7 million in transactions for Q1

I just received an email from China based escrow service DN.com which shows some interesting insights in how they are doing and what type of domain name transactions they are handling 6 month after official launch. The company handled over 2.7 million US dollars in transactions with a 3 letter .com being the largest transaction at ¥ 2,300,000 (US$ 419, 354). With an average Escrow fee of around 1% the company seems to be still a bit away from profitability but I’m sure they will continue to grow rapidly considering they are on the ground in one of the most exciting markets for domain name investing at this very moment: China.  I’ve used DN.com in the past while dealing with a Chinese buyer that didn’t speak English and the transaction wouldn’t have been possible without the customer support of the DN.com team. I’m looking forward to see their Q2 numbers.  Here’s the full report: Read More