The Brandable Insider: Seven Qualities of a Successful Domainer

One of the myths of domaining is that it’s easy money. The grass is always greener from a distance and success looks easy on the surface. But the harsh reality of this business, or any business, is that it’s wildly competitive. The formula for success is simple. Hard work and talent that’s all you need. But the devil lurks in the details of the execution of the work and the application of the talent.

Here’s what I think are some of the key attributes of a profitable domainer:

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2 years of domaining and my very first blog

Exactly 2 years ago today I bought my first domain off of I was on vacation in Sri Lanka and a few weeks earlier I found out that the domain name of a company I co-founded had expired and would be auctioned on Namejet since it was registered with Network Solutions.

I was keen on re-gaining ownership of the domain so I signed up for a account and had to set my alarm at 3AM in the morning to participate in the last few minutes of the auction. I still remember the poor wifi signal in the hotel, my surprise to see quite a number of other participating bidders and of course the adrenaline when I placed the winning bid. That night I not only ended up being the owner again of the domain (it costs me $314) but I also learned that sites such as Namejet is where savvy investors snapped up great domain names before they came available for the rest of the “regular” folks. I was instantly hooked and have been actively investing in domain names ever since

I’ve never been a very active commenter, but reading domaining blogs quickly became part of my daily routine and allowed me to quickly get up to speed and avoid many of the newbie mistakes and pitfalls. I really appreciate those in the industry that regularly share their tricks of the trade and personal views such as Shane “DomainShane” Cultra, Elliot Silver’s (who happened to be this blog it’s first ever reader for all the wrong reasons) and Chris from Invaluable for me as well are those that spend the time to pen down extensive reviews on services and products and interviews with industry leaders such as Raymond Hackney and Michael Cyger from

I’m determined to make an effort in the new year to give back and contribute by sharing my own experiences, mistakes, strategies and thoughts here on Happy New Year!

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