BrandBucket snaps up Keith deBoer as Brand Ambassador

Fellow blogger and part-time domain name investor Keith deBoer has accepted an invitation from BrandBucket to join their Ambassador partner program for domain sellers. He takes the position alongside Jeffery Emerick who became a brand ambassador for BrandBucket in February of this year. According to BrandBucket “Ambassadors are selected for their ability to craft great business names and to properly represent the BrandBucket messaging to future customers and partners. As part of the program, special perks, resources and budgets will be afforded to ambassadors to help them promote their portfolios and help represent BrandBucket’s ever-growing collection of available business names for entrepreneurs, startups, and new businesses.”

Former Ambassador and now BrandBucket’s managing director, Michael Krell, confirmed Keith’s new role via email this week and said that BrandBucket  plans to issue an official announcement in the next day or two.

Interestingly enough the news comes at the same time as I have personally started to move away from BrandBucket (and other similar marketplaces) to focus on selling my names via direct navigation which goes to show that different investment strategies can work for brandable domain name investors. I asked Keith to answer some questions on the news. (more…)

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Efty launches new marketplace themes. Here’s mine!

The idea of offering advertising-free For-Sale landing pages that are built for conversion and enable domain name investors to generate leads from end-users without paying a dollar in commissions has been one of the many drivers behind the success of Efty, the company I co-founded. I’m very excited to share that we just took another important step in building Efty into the one tool that every domainer will love to use!

Everyone knows that having a website is essential to show you, your domains and your business in its best light and look professional and trustworthy. The truth however, is that many domainers simply don’t have the time or resources to create a site, let a alone a full-fledge marketplace to present their inventory. Until now. The two new marketplace themes released today at Efty allow anyone to create a custom domain shop in minutes and start marketing their domain name portfolio using a custom domain and sell domains from a slick, professional looking and responsive marketplace without paying a dollar in commission.

The first two themes to hit the marketplace galley are:


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BrandBucket introduces Seller Dashboard

Leading brandable domain name marketplace BrandBucket has just pushed a new dashboard live for sellers that helps visualize some insights into their sales performance, activity and how their portfolio compares to other sellers on the platform. BrandBucket calls it “A visual guide to help you become the best seller you can be”. By hovering your mouse over the various circles you can quickly see how do you rank against other sellers for some key metrics such as sell-through, overall revenue, and average sale price.

The new dashboard is a nice attempt to help sellers better measure their success on the platform and give quick access to important metrics such as ones annual sell-through ratio.

The feature is currently in beta so I’m not sure if this is live on all seller accounts as of yet.

Here’s a screenshot of my dashboard: (more…)

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Here’s why domainer Tim Schoon chooses eBay to auction off 150

After reaching an all-time high in late 2015, prices for short domains such as four letter .com domains have been taking a bit of a hit lately. There’s been a lot of chatter and speculation on the forums about where the market for these type of names is heading to in the months to come. Is it time to sell or is the perfect time to buy into this market? One investor who has been very successful riding the wave is Dutch domain name investor Tim Schoon of

Tim is currently auctioning off 150 four letter .com domains on eBay at no-reserve. I asked him why he decided to auction off these names right now and Tim explained to me that it’s tax season in the Netherlands and he’s raising funds to pay taxes. Because LLLL are very liquid they are a great way to raise funds quickly.

He added: four-letters domains have been going up and down quite a bit during the past months. I think that we’re on the low end of the curve right now so I’m not too happy about having to sell these right now. I bought most of them years ago for pennies on the dollar so it should still be a good profit. I tried to list a mix of different types of domains, so there are some Chips, western premiums, a few CVCV’s and others. (more…)

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BrandBucket: $2.4 million in sales in 2015

BBLeading brandable domain name marketplace BrandBucket sent me a press release in which they share they have sold $2.4 million in business names in 2015. The last time the marketplace shared any sales data was back in 2013 when the company announced it reached its goal of $1 million in sales for that year.  While the company shows growth for the eighth consecutive year since opening its marketplace in 2007, the increase in revenue from an annual $1M to $2.4M over a two year period is not exactly in line with the explosive growth of its inventory which went from just a few thousand domains in 2013 to more than 23,000 listings by the end of 2015.

Early sellers on the platform used to report sell through ratios as high as 50% sometimes while most sellers with large portfolios listed on the marketplace report sell through ratios of around 4% annually these days. If you take an average sales price of $2,400 per domain the annual sell through ratio over 2015 is 4.3%.

During 2015 I personally sold 9 domains on BrandBucket with another 110 domains listed. BrandBucket charges a 30% commission on sales and requires exclusivity for the period that domains are listed with a 30 days notice period.

Below is the full press-release.  (more…)

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BrandBucket launches revamped website

Leading brandable domain name marketplace BrandBucket has launched a redesigned version of their marketplace earlier today.  The new homepage design and improved search interface gives the site a bit of a face lift, and better guides potential customers to find the name they want. Ultimately, the point is to increase sales. The new site also is significantly faster, easier to navigate and shines the light on a larger variety of names on the homepage with categories for featured names, premium names (names with a price tag above $5,000) and recently added names.

I thought it would be fun to look at how to site has evolved over the years from the initial WordPress page with a handful of domains with logos that BrandBucket founder Margot Bushnaq and her husband used for picking domain names for their own ventures almost a decade ago to the popular marketplace it has grown into today with almost 25000 listed business names: (more…)

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Michael Krell joins BrandBucket as it’s Managing Director

Brandable domain name marketplace BrandBucket just announced that one of their top sellers, domain name investor and former ambassador Michael Krell has been appointed as Managing Director of the rapidly growing company. Michael has been an active voice within the brandable domain seller community for BrandBucket since 2014 when he joined the BrandBucket ambassador program. He started selling domain names with BrandBucket in June 2013 and has been aggressively expanding his portfolio to the point that he currently owns more than 10% of the inventory offered on the marketplace. He did a great interview on DomainSherpa shortly after joining the company as ambassador and publishes, a blog about investing in brandable domain names.  (more…)

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Here are 1134 names that sold on BrandBucket

Brandable domain name marketplace has seen phenomenal growth since the site gained instant popularity with domainers who suddenly started to discover the high ROI that can be achieved by offering catchy domain names with a logo and description as a “brand in a box” during the summer of 2014.

Around the same time Raymond Hackney from TLDinvestors published a incredible post in which he published and analyzed all the Brandbucket sales to that date: Brand Bucket Sales – Inside The Numbers

Since then the site’s inventory increased from a couple of thousands names to more than 10,000 handpicked names that are listed exclusively on BrandBucket and the company rolled out a completely revamped version of the marketplace last summer. One of the many changes, to the disappointment of many sellers, was that they stopped listing previously sold names.

Raymond his analysis acted as the perfect guideline for me when I started out investing in brandables and helped me make a lot of $$. I thought it would be incredibly helpful for anyone else  investing in (or interested in) brandables to have an updated list on what type of names sell on Brandbucket theses days so I decided to spend a few hours glued to my screen and have updated the original list with another 566 confirmed sales that I sourced from several NamePros threads and with a simple Google search hack.

Here’s the list:

Please note that this list is nowhere near complete, most likely it is just the tip of the iceberg.  (more…)

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I just noticed that the domain name is being offered for sale on Flippa at no reserve which means it will sell regardless of the price. The term cyber squatter and cybersquatting are often incorrectly used by many journalist and news outlets across the globe to much dismay from domain name investors (including myself).

As DomainSherpa’s Michael Cyger writes “Cybersquatters have given domain investing a bad reputation, fueled by the frenzy of media that usually surrounds high-profile cybersquatting cases. As a result, the public often confuses legitimate domain investors with unsavory Internet speculators.” (more…)

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Brandbucket to roll out custom for sale landing pages.

A few days ago I stumbled upon a very slick and good looking For Sale landing page while researching some domain names. The lander was powered by brandable domain name marketplace Brandbucket and helps a prospective buyer visualize the brand and domain name on a range of stationary such as business cards and letters as well as a tablet and smartphone.  When you scroll down there’s a explainer video about do-it-yourself business naming and detailed information about what you get with your domain purchase as well as the buying and transfer process explained. Only when you click the Buy Now button you are directed to the Brandbucket site where the domain name is automatically added to your shopping cart. The page itself currently doesn’t show the price of the domain which I suspect is left out on purpose to increase the click through rate.

Landing page for



I reached out to Brandbucket founder Margot Bushnaq who told me the company has put quite a bit of work into them from a design and programming perspective.  When I asked about the effectiveness of these new landers she told me that they are still gathering data, so there’s nothing they can share quite yet, but they are keeping a close eye and may be making some small changes here and there.  Nonetheless Brandbucket is rolling out the option to all domains in a few days.

These pages are reached by a visitor typing in the domain — if the domain is found via browsing BrandBucket, the visitor still sees the standard (tried and tested to be effective) sales page. If you are a Brandbucket seller I assume you need to have your name servers point to to have these landing pages active.

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