James Iles publishes China 101 – A Guide to Domain Name Investing in China

Domain name investor and driving force behind the NamePros blog, James Iles has just published an 85-page e-book which aims to help you to make sense of the Chinese domain name market. The book, which is called China 101 – A Guide to Domain Name Investing in China is not an investment guide but more designed to give you a guide to Chinese domain names with input from Chinese experts, domain brokers and industry veterans from around the world.

The book includes contributions from some of the most influential people in the Chinese domain name market such as Kassey Lee, George Hung and John Xu. The result is a well-researched and informative ebook full with valuable data analysis, the history of the Chinese market, and much more. The guide is available as a digital download for $27 which seems like a reasonable investment if you’re serious about learning more about the Chinese domain market.

The Brandable Insider: Seven Qualities of a Successful Domainer

One of the myths of domaining is that it’s easy money. The grass is always greener from a distance and success looks easy on the surface. But the harsh reality of this business, or any business, is that it’s wildly competitive. The formula for success is simple. Hard work and talent that’s all you need. But the devil lurks in the details of the execution of the work and the application of the talent.

Here’s what I think are some of the key attributes of a profitable domainer:
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