Brandable domain name sales week 38:,,

People from all around the world arrived in Hong Kong this weekend to attend DOMAINfest Asia next week. I’ve been out for lunches, dinner and drinks for the last two days and the conference hasn’t even started yet. I’m having a breakfast meeting with my Efty co-founder Lionel tomorrow morning to keep things flowing so I’m going to keep this post very short as it’s already midnight here and I’d like to save a bit of energy for the next few days 🙂 for $18,000 is an interesting sale. There’s been a lot of these types of names listed on BrandBucket recently within the $2 to $3k range.

Here’s this weeks list:


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The Brandable Insider: Why You Should Claim Your Name

I admit it. I’m a dot-com snob. 99% of all my domains are dot-com. Every domain I’ve listed or spoken about in the 4 month history of my blog has been a dot-com. But this week I’m breaking that rule. Why? Because sold for $715.

Who is Bruce DeBoer? I don’t know. But I was thinking this guy must have bought his own name because a domainer wouldn’t pay that much for a dot-net. But then I thought: who in the world was bidding against this guy to get the price so high? Somebody who wanted to scoop it and then try to sell it to him for a higher price? Or maybe two domainers who had the same idea? (more…)

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The Brandable Insider: Does Your Portfolio Need Resizing?

This past February our pal, Domain Shane, interviewed several of the “biggest and most successful” domain investors to get their thoughts on the domain industry for 2016. Shane was kind enough to compile their answers and present them to the public in his blog. After reviewing these interviews a couple of times I noticed that one word came up in almost every interview. Particularly when these domain investors were asked what kind of domains they thought would be good investments this year. (more…)

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80 newly funded startups and their domain names:,,

Funding activity was a bit down last week with 80 new startup companies raising a combined $215,517,790 in funding. The most popular domain extension remains .com with a 64% share. The ccTLD is the usual runner up with 20% of startups using their country code domain this week. While the US is slowing down, India continues to steal the show. Last year already was a watershed year for the Indian startups. According to NASSCOM, 2015 saw over $5 Bn of investment flowing into India’s startups, compared to just $3 Bn in 2014. India now ranks 3rd globally with more than 4,200 startups. A large number of these startups is launching on a .In domain.

There are some excellent name + domain name combos on this weeks list. To start with there’s Nom, a web and app based community for food lovers to create, share and watch their favorite stories in real-time. The company operates it’s website from the ultra premium domain name.  There’s no public sales record but the domain is still listed on Afternic with a $1M price tag. Another company that caught my eye is Volley, an education startup that runs learning assistant camera app Volley. They use the matching .com for their website. Last but not least there’s Spot, another App based business that promises to deliver personalized recommendations for things like restaurants, bars, stores and hotels. The website can be found at, you guessed it: (more…)

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68 newly funded startups and their domain names:,,

The funding frenzy slowed down a tiny bit but we still saw 68 companies raise a cool $361,912,450 in angel, seed and venture funding last week. More than 69% of these businesses went with .com domain and the ccTLDs following with almost 15% of the pie.  With all the choice that is out there for new companies to “unComplicate” and “get the domain name they want” we still only see one or two funded startups go with one of the new GTLDs each week. This week we have just one: Tel Aviv based cyber security startup Fireglass which raised a neat 20M first round. The company uses the domain name for their site. The 20 year old domain is in use by a company that produces fire rated glass but the two year old startup already outranks this site with their “new” domain for the fire glass term. It’s a good example that SEO has not much to do with TLDs.

Not a lot of super good names on this weeks list but some name + domain name combos I liked are from Tel Aviv based based Internet of Things end-to-end platform Seebo which closed $8.5 million in Series A funding and can be found at Another one is Hero Gaming, a Swedish game developer that operates a few popular online casino games and uses the matching domain. I love company names based around the word Hero but I think using it as a suffix is generally better sounding than a prefix. Make a wild guess who owns  🙂

Here’s this weeks list: (more…)

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37 newly funded startups and their domain names:,,

It was another quiet week in startup land last week as we saw just 37 companies announce their first funding round. Thanks to a couple of massive Series A rounds by two Chinese companies the total dollar amount raised was still a whopping $200,601,030. The fast majority of companies on this week list launched with a .Com domain name followed by the ccTLD’s with 16%. My own week hasn’t been that quite so far as I got back to Hong Kong Monday evening which gave me exactly one night to prepare for the launch of the For-Sale landing page theme gallery we pushed live at Efty. We had some nice coverage across several of the industry sites and blogs but I’ll leave you with a link to a video in which Michael Cyger explains everything you need to know about this awesome new feature.

Despite the short list of start-ups this week there’s a couple of name + domain name combos I like. The first one being Bangalore based Car Repair & Service App Bumper which uses the exact match domain name. I also like Hotify which is another India based startup that launched a mobile app which understands you and helps you stay updated with the latest and the relevant news and info across the globe. Last but not least there’s Payable, a US based company that offers a SaaS solution supporting independent workers and the companies that pay them. There are companies out there that work along side companies like Payable, the saasy digital agency helps grow SaaS companies into greater heights, allowing people to discover software to make their businesses run smoother. They use the domain name which NameBio reports as sold for just $5,000 back in 2011. (more…)

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Negotiation: getting to Yes across different cultures

As a domain name investor it is fairly common to communicate with buyers and sellers from different countries and cultures. You can be negotiating a deal with a Chinese individual in the morning and have a conversation with a Spanish company that is interested in acquiring one of your domain names in the afternoon. While you might be a star negotiator in your own country – in today’s global economy your skills may not automatically translate to other cultures.

Erin Meyer, a professor at business school INSEAD wrote an excellent article that was published on Harvard Business Review, called “Getting to Si, Ja, Hai, and Da.” which is about how to build trust and be a successful negotiator with people across different cultures.

The article is a must read if you often find yourself dealing with buyers (or sellers) outside of your own country. There’s also a short video that gives some great bite-size insights:  (more…)

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Brandable domain name sales week 29.

I’m writing this post from the beautiful Obermayerhofen castle in Austria where I’m staying for one of my best friends his wedding celebration tomorrow. It’s been a year full of weddings (including my own) across the world and it is thanks to domain name investing that I almost never have to turn down a invite to join a celebration. I spend the past week traveling through Hungary ( I think Budapest has become my new favorite European city!) with my wife and I managed to keep anything work related limited to only the necessary emails and calls. She’s taking a nap now however so I’m jumping on the opportunity to gather and publish this weeks top brandable domain name sales before she wakes up and we have to get ready for dinner 🙂

Here’s this weeks list:  (more…)

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Brandable domain name sales week 28.

Last week I reported that went for $130,650 on DropCatch, making it one of this years largest brandable sales so far but as it turns out the winning bidder never paid up. The domain name is currently on auction again with a high bid of $1,705 and 15 hours to go. We didn’t see any five figure sales this week but there’s a bunch of very nice names on this list nonetheless. and were both previously listed in my brandable auction picks.  Others I like are and

Here’s this weeks list: (more…)

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