Negotiation: getting to Yes across different cultures

As a domain name investor it is fairly common to communicate with buyers and sellers from different countries and cultures. You can be negotiating a deal with a Chinese individual in the morning and have a conversation with a Spanish company that is interested in acquiring one of your domain names in the afternoon. While you might be a star negotiator in your own country – in today’s global economy your skills may not automatically translate to other cultures.

Erin Meyer, a professor at business school INSEAD wrote an excellent article that was published on Harvard Business Review, called “Getting to Si, Ja, Hai, and Da.” which is about how to build trust and be a successful negotiator with people across different cultures.

The article is a must read if you often find yourself dealing with buyers (or sellers) outside of your own country. There’s also a short video that gives some great bite-size insights:  (more…)

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Brandable domain name sales week 29.

I’m writing this post from the beautiful Obermayerhofen castle in Austria where I’m staying for one of my best friends his wedding celebration tomorrow. It’s been a year full of weddings (including my own) across the world and it is thanks to domain name investing that I almost never have to turn down a invite to join a celebration. I spend the past week traveling through Hungary ( I think Budapest has become my new favorite European city!) with my wife and I managed to keep anything work related limited to only the necessary emails and calls. She’s taking a nap now however so I’m jumping on the opportunity to gather and publish this weeks top brandable domain name sales before she wakes up and we have to get ready for dinner 🙂

Here’s this weeks list:  (more…)

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Brandable domain name sales week 28.

Last week I reported that went for $130,650 on DropCatch, making it one of this years largest brandable sales so far but as it turns out the winning bidder never paid up. The domain name is currently on auction again with a high bid of $1,705 and 15 hours to go. We didn’t see any five figure sales this week but there’s a bunch of very nice names on this list nonetheless. and were both previously listed in my brandable auction picks.  Others I like are and

Here’s this weeks list: (more…)

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