offered for sale on Flippa with terrible “development ideas”.

I just noticed that the domain name is being offered for sale on Flippa at no reserve which means it will sell regardless of the price. The term cyber squatter and cybersquatting are often incorrectly used by many journalist and news outlets across the globe to much dismay from domain name investors (including myself).

As DomainSherpa’s Michael Cyger writes “Cybersquatters have given domain investing a bad reputation, fueled by the frenzy of media that usually surrounds high-profile cybersquatting cases. As a result, the public often confuses legitimate domain investors with unsavory Internet speculators.”

The 16 years old exact match domain name is now on the market and the seller is sharing some terrible development ideas for it such as using the domain for a domain name marketplace, domain name forum or a info site on “all things domains”. All we can do is hope that someone with our industries best interest in mind will purchase the domain and turn it into a educational type of site exlaining the difference between domain name investing and cybersquatting. — Domain Name For Sale on Flippa  Category defining domain    DOB  1999    BIN BONUS


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