DOMAINfest Asia and 9 other reasons why you should come to Hong Kong in September

I’m very excited to share that I will be speaking at the DOMAINfest Asia conference right here in Hong Kong on September 19 – 22. This year so far I have traveled to Las Vegas for NamesCon and India for DomainX and I couldn’t be happier to see such a great conference organized by the teams behind NamesCon and Allegravita being held right here in my hometown and in the very same building our APAC office for Efty is located: Cyberport!

Hong Kong is one of the most amazing cities in the world but for anyone still on the fence about booking their tickets I hereby present you 10 reasons to free up your schedule and come join me in Hong Kong for what promises to be one of the best domain name conferences of the year.

1. THE CONFERENCE – The main reason (or excuse – if you need one!) should, of course, be to attend the second annual DOMAINfest event in Asia! With still more than 3 weeks to go the list of speakers is one of the best ones I’ve seen in a while. Besides some of the more usual suspects such as GoDaddy’s Joe Styler, Bill “Name Ninja” Sweetman and Braden Pollock (does this guy ever miss a conference?) there’s also a bunch of more regional experts speaking such as Hong Kong-born Kassey Lee who publishes the China focussed Coreile newsletter, Peibi Wang aka the Domain Captain and one of China’s most prominent investors as well as the CEO of, liquid domain name broker Giuseppe Graziano of, JQ Tang, the CEO of domain trading platform and then of course there’s me! I will be preparing a talk about brandable domain names and plan to share my strategies and tactics on how to acquire and sell great names in the aftermarket. If there’s anything specific you would like me to talk about please let me know in the comments below.

Cyberport looking good!

2. THE NIGHTLIFE – Hong Kong is a work hard play hard type of city and the nightlife offers a crazy array of choice. From boozy British-style pubs, funky rooftop bars, hipster hangouts, all-night clubbing to high-class entertainment, Asia’s ‘world city’ simply has it all. Hong Kong also has some amazing casinos in popular areas. These casinos are extremely competitive, so only the most confident players should enter. Before going to bet against talented casino players, it might be better for some people to practice their skills by using this kiss918 online casino website. Once players are more confident, they can try their skills out in real-life casinos. Hong Kong is known for these casinos. Hong Kong knows how to party and we do so visibly and noisily. If you’re from America, you’ll be used to being restricted from drinking if you’re under the age of 12, but here in China our legal drinking age is 18. You won’t need to bring along any New Mexico Fake Id here…just yourself and a party attitude! The Island’s epicentre of nightlife is Lan Kwai Fong (aka LKF) with the Soho area, which is slightly more geared towards dining than drinking, right next to it, at a 5-minute walk from LKF. Another favorite, but slightly less classy party destination on the island is Wanchai which offers plenty of lively, respectable bars mixed with a ton of hostess bars that occupy the majority of Lockhart Rd. Again, you likely won’t need to buy a fake ID here to get in, but it couldn’t hurt.

Sevva - one of HK's many rooftop bars.
Sevva – one of HK’s many rooftop bars.

3. THE FOOD – Hong Kong’ers are OBSESSED with their food so no matter what the reason of your visit is, one thing’s for sure: you’re in for an amazing dining experience. Some say Hong Kong is worth visiting for its food scene alone and with a whopping 61 Michelin-starred restaurants, the choices are almost limitless. From local, Cantonese street food known such as Dai Pai Dong to super high-end fine dining and molecular gastronomy, you’ve come to the right place. Locals use an app called OpenRice which is pretty much what Yelp is for the US. It has an English version so I highly recommend you to download it and let it guide you to the best restaurants in the city during your trip.

Dim Sum, which means “touch the heart” is a must try.

4. THE NATURE – Although Hong Kong is one of the world’s metropolis, out of the total 1108 square kilometres of land, about three-quarters, is countryside. Hong Kong has mountains, waterfalls, beaches, plenty of wildlife and some of Asia’s most amazing hiking trails. While I used to spend most of my early year’s clubbing during the weekends you can now usually find me and my dog on one of the many great hiking trails the city offers.

View from Dragon’s Back, one of the Island’s most popular hikes.

5. THE BEACHES – Hong Kong isn’t all banks and skyscrapers. There are approximately 50 beaches scattered all over Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories that are safe to swim in or just to get your tan on. If you want to explore them all, then you can always go to a private jet rental company. With your own plane, you are free to go wherever and whenever you like in luxury. Some great beaches on Hong Kong island include Repulse Bay, Southbay Beach (my favorite), Shek-O and Big Wave Bay. Here’s a nice list with more beaches compiled by The Guardian.

Can you believe this is Hong Kong?
Can you believe this is Hong Kong?

6. THE SKYSCRAPERS – There’s no discussion about it, we have the world’s most epic skyline in Hong Kong. The city has a whopping 43 buildings over 200 meters tall, 30 of which were built in the year 2000 or later. It also boasts four of the 17 tallest buildings in the world… That’s 20% of the top 20, all in one city! Pro tip: go have a cocktail from the world’s highest bar, the Ozone on the 118 floor of the Ritz Carlton hotel to enjoy the skyline in style.

Home to 7M+ people.

7. THE WEATHER – Although Hong Kong is known for it’s hot and humid climate during the summer months you can expect blue skies and some very pleasant weather during the month of September. Most websites say September is the best month to visit Hong Kong weather wise. Temperatures should be anywhere between 24 °C (79 °F) and 30 °C (86 °F). Bring summer clothes, but also a thin sweater or a cardigan as we love to turn on freezing cold aircon inside shopping malls, offices and shops here.

Blue skies
Let’s hope the weather will be like this 🙂

8. THE SHOPPING – A famed shoppers’ paradise, Hong Kong offers a unique shopping experience. From trendy boutiques to traditional Chinese product stores, from gigantic, luxurious shopping malls to bustling street markets, you can find everything from the latest designer fashions and electric products to best-value collectibles and antiques. Shopping malls are everywhere in Hong Kong but good starting point if you’re interested in maxing out one of your credit cards is this guide by the cities tourism board.

A shopping mecca.
A shopping mecca.

9. THE BUZZ – Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated places in the world. Shopping mecca and residential neighbourhood Mongkok even holds the title for the highest population density in the world, with 130,000 people per square kilometre. If you don’t feel like crossing the harbour to experience the “buzz” then I can recommend a visit to another shoppers paradise, Hong Kong Island district Causeway Bay, just a few stops from Central HK on the subway (which is worth a ride on it’s own and one of the most efficient public transportation systems in the entire world).

Welcome to the urban beehive aka Hong Kong.

10. THE BANKING SYSTEM – Anyone with a bit of cash, a passport and the ability to jot down an autograph can set up a Limited company and open a business bank account with HSBC within under 24 hours. So if you ever thought about opening a HK branch or invoicing your clients from tax friendly Hong Kong I recommend you schedule an appointment with one of the many company formations or accounting firms we have here.

Just a few of our banks that will welcome you with open arms 🙂

Still not convinced? How about 88% off your conference ticket? Just use: gogo88 at checkout before August 30. See you in Hong Kong!

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