Escrow service reports 2.9 million in transactions for Q2

I just received a report from China based escrow service which shows some interesting insights in how the Chinese market is doing and what type of domain name transactions they’ve been handling during the past 3 months The company handled over 2.94 million US dollars in transactions across 254 transactions.  This is slightly up from Q1 when the company handled 2.7 million in transactions. Interesting is to see that transactions slowed down considerably during June which might be related to the stock market plunge in the country. It’s refreshing to see a escrow service that is being transparent about transaction volumes and willing to share valuable insights.

Here’s the full report:

Monthly Gross Payment:


The gross payment reached to its peak at May at $1,598.5k, and fell back to $820 thousand. The stock market plunge in China in Jun must have exerted some impact on the domain name market. As the stock index plummeted from 5,200 to 3,500, the evaporation of the capital immediately held the steps of domain name investors in the market. However, the further impact still remains unclear. The good news is that Beijing has already carried out some attempts to rescue the struggling stock market. Hope the market could recover from the crash soon.



Short domain names has conquered the TOP 10 list. Eight out of ten positions are taken by domain names within 4 digits. domain names occupied 4 positions in the TOP 10 list, followed by with 3 positions, which is also very popular in the domain name market. Generally, short domain names are the favorites of investors and end-users.


The monthly average prices per unit transaction varies along the the monthly gross payment.

Extensions and Average Prices


There is no doubt that .com is the most popular and valuable top-level domain, which takes up 88.8% of the overall domain sales. The average price reaches $4,879.81. The most popular country-code top-level domain is .cn. We are glad to see some interesting new top-level domains like .bike and .science on the list.

Transactions by Country


Cross-border domain name transactions take up nearly three quarters of the transactions.

The Trend of Ordinary


The ordinary refers to the that is not a word or the Pinyin of a single Chinese character. The number of transactions of is growing steadily from Feb to May. The fallback in June was probably affected by the earthquake in the Chinese stock market.


The price of the ordinary domain names were climbing. Although the average price has been affected by the stock crash in June, the curve still indicates a tendency of growing.


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  1. Hi Doron thanks for this list. Nice to see the .cc there. We own the single word “Insurance” in Spanish in the .cc extension and haven’t sold it yet. Maybe we’ll give .dn a try.

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