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From Doron:

On December 26, 2014, I hit the “publish” button on my very first article on DNgeek. At that time, I was investing in domain names for two years and decided it would be a fun exercise to document my journey into the domain name industry. The goal was to share my successes and failures in the way of sharing my acquisitions and sales and help drive more educated purchases for myself and others by sharing weekly lists of brandable domain name sales and a list of newly funded startups and the domain names they were using.

I could have never imagined that the blog would grow into an archive of over 600 articles and a treasure trove of knowledge and discussion, especially when Keith DeBoer started to publish his Brandable Insider series in 2016.

For me, DNgeek served the ultimate purpose of mastering a new skill set, meet amazing folks that have become friends and business partners, and helping others advance within domain name investing. On top of that, the blog was a great way to take readers along on the journey of me building Efty.

As Efty has grown from a startup to one of the leading sales platforms in our industry and I was blessed with a young family too, publishing the blog took a backseat. So when Sean Markey offered an opportunity to take over the publication and do all of the content we’ve produced over the years proud again in a new format I was happy to put a deal in place with him quickly.

My sincerest gratitude goes to everyone who is reading and sharing our posts, shared stories, strategies, and tactics in the comments over the years, Keith deBoer, for publishing some of the best brandable domain name content in our industry and of course some of the companies that sponsored DNgeek over the years such as BrandBucket, NameJet and Uniregistry.

From Sean

When I put out a call out on my twitter account (@seanmarkey follow me!) that I was looking to buy a business-related blog for a project I’m working on, I had no intention of buying a site about domain names. It was not at all right for the project I was tweeting about.

But when Doron hit me up to say he was interested in letting DNgeek go, my plans changed a bit. I love this site! I read it when I first got into domaining back in 2017–a million years ago! When I got my first inquiry or two to buy whatever shitty names I was hand-registering at the time and listing for sale, I emailed Doron through this site for advice. I was a regular reader, and there was so much good info here.

Kind of neat to come full circle to a place where I’ve had success enough over the intervening years to be able to buy the site from him and continue to write about domains and brand names like a stone cold nerd.

I mean geek.

You get it…

If you don’t know me, here’s a quick bit of background:

I live in Southeastern Utah, way out in the middle of nowhere desert. My main area of expertise is SEO, where I am especially good at writing content that ranks well and building/selling websites. In the past few years I’ve sold almost seven-figures worth of affiliate sites.

I’m especially active in the cannabis niche. I’ll share more on this another day…

If you want to hear me blather on about my background as an entrepreneur (mostly failing @ things, but persisting like an idiot), you can check out my interview on the Tropical MBA Podcast here.

What’s Next for DNgeek

I’ve talked with Keith and am thrilled to say he’ll continue to post his podcast here.

I’ll start creating again some of the posts that I used to love to read here, especially the “brandable domain name sales” reviews, as well as some additional deep dives into naming conventions, trends that rising/falling, and… really whatever else I’m interested in.

There may be another podcast or two joining the brand, as well as some exciting guest posts/reviews coming along. I’ll also be re-designing the site in the coming month, so keep an eye out for that as well…

I love reading about, researching, buying/selling, and just generally talking about domain names. I’m super excited to bring that passion to the well-loved DNgeek brand.

My one ask, if you’re reading this and you haven’t already done so, is to sign up for the email list in the sidebar. I’ll be starting that up again… not sure exactly what form it’ll take (probably not a daily email like it says), but it will probably be awesome and–if nothing else–interesting for you to see what it becomes?

Anyway, thanks for reading all this, and I look forward to continuing to publish @ DNgeek.com


6 thoughts on “Exciting DNgeek News”

  1. Congratulations to Doron and to Sean Markey on the sale and new ownership of DNGeek.Always been a loyal reader and follower since inception and would continue to do so. Keith, thank you for all you have done and continue to do as well for dngeek.

    Waiting for the next chapter.

  2. Congrats to you both! I tried domaining a few years ago, and Doron’s Efty site and his outlook were a great match for me. My offline business took too much time, so I dropped out. I’m starting again, and happy to see brandables doing well — they’re the future. You have to have vision, creativity and patience to build you vision, and it sounds like you’re both doing it. Cheers from Italy, Scot

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