GoDaddy’s Advice on How to Be a Successful Domainer

Develop a good business plan and make sure you have a secondary source of income because full time or even part time domaining could take a while. —  Tia Wood, Domainer, Web Consultant 

Every year one of the highlights of NamesCon is the presentation by GoDaddy.  It’s always well organized, with good visuals and lots of data based information. 

If you missed it, don’t worry, cause it’s available on YouTube.

I hope you find the time to watch the 30 minute presentation in its entirety but if you’re too busy (or feeling lazy)  you can read my notes below.

Main points

  • GoDaddy (GD) end user sales were up 41% in 2018
  • The biggest growth was in Latin America, China, India
  • GD has, or is setting up, sales teams now on all continents
  • Best to buy 5 to 14 letter domains, at under $150 and sell for $2k to $5k
  • 1% to 2% is the normal sell thru rate for a successful domainer
  • You must have a multi-year outlook and business plan
  • Shorter names sell more frequently and at higher prices
  • 72% of GDs sales were 2 keyword domains
  • The most sold keywords were:  Home/Group/Life/Health/Coin/Go
  • The most sold prefixes were: The/My/You/i
  • 92% of GD sales were dot com
  • Of the gTLDs dot CO, dot IO and dot CO.UK had the most sales
  • Domains priced just below the GD appraised price got maximum sales
  • 59% of sales were within $1k of the GD appraisal
  • 89% of sales were within $2k of the GD the appraisal
  • Let the GD pros broker your sales
  • Use Afternic, it gets 70 mil searches per month
  • Use GD or Afternic landing pages to gain trust and access their brokers
  • Sales were 20% higher when a response was given within 24 hrs.
  • Sales were 46% higher when a response was given by phone instead of by email
  • One customer had a 300% sales increase when they switched from parking pages to GD landing pages
  • There is always financial risk in domaining, so purchase carefully and spend wisely

Where’s the beef?

Data presented to show the statistical accuracy of the GoDaddy domain appraisal system was very unconvincing. In fact, to me, it confirmed the inaccuracy of the GD system.

Why? If you are selling a domain (as recommended by GD) between $2k and $5k, then a $2K variation in price is 40% to 100% of the entire sale price! To me this data served only to reinforce my personal view that the GD appraised pricing has almost no relevance to actual sale prices because it’s comprised of both wholesale and retail sales history. However, you can watch the video and decide for yourself on this particular point.

That issue aside, I found the info in this video to be realistic and relevant and I think it’s a must see for any rookie or journeyman domainer.

May all your sales be to end users!

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