Here are 1134 names that sold on BrandBucket

Brandable domain name marketplace has seen phenomenal growth since the site gained instant popularity with domainers who suddenly started to discover the high ROI that can be achieved by offering catchy domain names with a logo and description as a “brand in a box” during the summer of 2014.

Around the same time, Raymond Hackney from TLDinvestors published an incredible post in which he published and analyzed all the Brandbucket sales to that date: Brand Bucket Sales – Inside The Numbers

Since then the site’s inventory increased from a couple of thousands of names to more than 10,000 handpicked names that are listed exclusively on BrandBucket and the company rolled out a completely revamped version of the marketplace last summer. One of the many changes, to the disappointment of many sellers, was that they stopped listing previously sold names.

Raymond his analysis acted as the perfect guideline for me when I started out selling domain names and helped me picked the right type of brandables. I thought it would be incredibly helpful for anyone else investing in (or interested in) brandable domain names to have an updated list on what type of names sell on Brandbucket theses days so I decided to spend a few hours glued to my screen and have updated the original list with another 566 sales that I sourced from several NamePros threads and with a simple Google search hack.

Here’s the list:

Please note that this list is nowhere near complete, most likely it is just the tip of the iceberg.
Finient .com

49 thoughts on “Here are 1134 names that sold on BrandBucket”

    1. I don’t want to give away my exact strategy but for invented names my rule is the shorter the better and I almost never invest in purely made up names that are 7 characters or more. There are also certain patterns (CVCV) that I believe are more in demand than others. For keyword based brandables I have crafted a large list of popular keywords based on reported sales. The list above or my weekly brandable domain name sales report should give you a lot of ideas for creating a similar list.

  1. Thanks for this list Doron. Since naming trends and styles have changed in the past few years is there anyway to separate the original 680 names that was on Ray’s list from the new names?

    1. I’ll see if I can find some time to clean up this list and prune the duplicates. I probably went a bit spreadsheet blind after working on the list for hours on end.

  2. Doron-thanks so much for posting this list. VERY helpful. I just had approved and listed 5 names on I must say that their great customer support is exceptional. Hopefully some names will sell-we’ll see.

  3. tell the truth

    I cannot be more honest in saying ANYONE can come up with domains if these were actually sold. I have been a domain investor for ten years and I currently own just under two thousand names with a value to exceed 1 million dollars. I can state without question the VAST amount of these domains have absolutely zero value to a real business. By real business I mean if you can be forgotten the moment a business is mentioned you are in bad shape. I personally scour drops and prereleases in the morning and at night 2-3 hours a day…I specialize in two word and three word dotcoms.If I saw more than 3/4’s of these names through drop lists I would just shake my head….for all the folks that bought these names I am sorry you went the road you did….85% of these names will dropped…. period.

    1. While you’ve been shaking your head a new generation of domain name investors have been making a boatload of cash buying and selling those names that you consider to have zero value.

  4. Doron, an amazing list! Thanks for taking the time to compile this. This is a very good way to learn what’s happening in the brandables market.

  5. Zero value? My guess is that you would have never bought Amazon Ebay Uber Zulilly Y Combinator Alibaba the list goes on and on. These names have value because of the founders. Doron was correct in reply but best of luck with your names.

  6. Have you got permission to list these names from BB? On namepros the names are disguised so they can’t be found in google. BB states in its terms The use of the site editor’s rights. and property requires the site editor’s prior written consent.

    1. I normally don’t approve anonymous comments like these but if you have read the actual post you would have seen that all sold names are easily accessibility through a Google search.

  7. Great list Doron!! Wow, those brandable domains were not only hand reg’d by some talented domainers but then hand selected by BBucket and finally carefully picked for gems by entrepreneurial end-users who payed thousands of dollars each. A LOT of time and money has gone into these names and we learn from all that hard work. Thanks again Doron, really! I just subscribed to your blog 😉

  8. Dear Doron,
    You have really done a splendid job here by listing the list of sold domain names at Brandbucket. These names really give us a good amount of idea to know exactly what kind of domain names, styles the BB want from us. I personal appreciation and hats off to you Doron. Thank you. Haroon

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    1. Thanks for your reply, for the new names listed I couldn’t find the asking sold price of e.g on but after spotting a ping back url: I was able to find some details I was looking for. Thanks again for useful resource.

  10. Three questions please- 1) how many rejects did you have approx to get those 100 plus listings and sales 14 sales 2) were you able to sell those rejected names elsewhere 3) how long have they sat on BrandBucket approx now that they have 25,000 names to get those sales re renewal fees etc Thank you! ( and congrats on those sales).

    1. I don’t buy domains with the sole purpose of submitting them to BrandBucket and I consider each name I buy these a days a good domain so for me it doesn’t matter if BrandBucket accepts of rejects them. For what it’s worth, about 1 out of 3 domains I submit to BB is accepted and I have had names listed with them for almost 3 years. I have a lot more than 110 names accepted but only list certain names. I will never list my best names on a brandable marketplace as these names should be able to sell themselves via a great For-Sale landing page or alternatively via GoDaddy, Sedo or Afternic. If you follow my monthly sales and acquisition posts you can read I sell the majority of my names outside of the two brandable marketplaces where I have some of my names listed.

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  12. Brandbucket and site’s like theirs that screen names that have to match their criteria before being listed to me is just bad business and I will tell you why, after seeing this list and previous domains that sold on Brandbucket I see that they accepted a lot of crappy domains compared to some of the premium domains that have been submitted by me and rejected. Finale value fee’s are still finale value fee’s and like I have said from the start everything about Domain’s are SUBJECTIVE so what they believe to be crap could be another man’s treasure. And there are already enough Domain selling platform websites out there that are either Greedy, show a lot of favoritism and very few at all have great business like customer service, I won’t mention names but im sure everyone would agree. Everyone has their own preferences and what they like and don’t like, there is a new site that should be up in about a week called and im looking forward to it and I hope they seperate themselves from the rest.

  13. Piqo/com is on the list, but appears to be sold – it points to a new website. It caught attention since I own which is listed at Brandbucket as well. I wondered what their asking price was for it.

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