Jason Calacanis is asking NamePros: How much will 20.com sell for?

One of the very first post I published here was about serial internet entrepreneur Jason Calacanis and one of the domain names he owns: 20.com – I asked How much is Jason Calacanis his domain 20.com worth today? which resulted in several people chipping in with comments but most of all a lively discussion on Twitter that included @jason himself sharing that the most recent offer he turned down at the time was $1.4M.

This was almost one year ago and today Jason is asking a similar question in the appraisal section of domain name forum NamePros. He shares that he’s ” been getting $2-3m offers weekly.” and has put up a poll to see what the NamePros community think’s the domain will sell for in today’s market.

One year ago Jason told me:

It will be interesting to see how he looks at things today as it is unlikely that a potential buyer will end up being a startup but more likely an investor.

Update: I just learned that Jason is planning to put the name up for auction on January 5th with the goal of breaking $5M. You can sign up for further notifications here.  My advice for him is to get George Hong of Guta.com involved to help him line up the right type of buyers.

What do you think 20.com is worth in today’s market?

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