Newly funded startups and their (domain) names – week 6.

This week we saw 46 new startups raise 47+ million dollars in combined seed and angel funding. More than 78% of startups launched on a .com domain name while London based restaurant booking iOS app Uncover is the very first newly funded startup this year to use a new gTLD by launching their website on a .London domain.

Both companies that top this weeks list in term of money raised own their matching .com domain names: San Fransisco WiFi disrupter Eero with a whopping $5,000,000 in seed funding and wearable healthcare company Monica Healthcare with a nice $3,000,000 in funding raised.

Domain hacks seem to be a thing of the past these days and so are .net domains.

Name Funding Amount Domain TLD
Pirate3D $2,000,000 Seed .com
Neumob Undisclosed Seed .com
AIRTAME $1,400,000 Seed .com
VitalMedicals $925,000 Seed .com
Wizpra $2,000,000 Seed .com
Suop $142,800 Seed .es
Aisle $100,000 Seed .co
Scrollback $500,000 Seed .io
Fieldwire $1,100,000 Seed .net Undisclosed Seed .com
AppInstitute $750,000 Seed
Monica Healthcare $3,000,000 Seed .com
SketchDeck $500,000 Seed .com $500,000 Seed .co
Algorithm $161,000 Seed .com
Graylog $2,500,000 Seed .com
Open Learning $1,700,000 Angel .com
Collar Club $450,000 Seed .com
Initial State $1,000,000 Seed .com
HouseGoat, Inc $100,000 Angel .com
Andy OS, Inc $3,000,000 Seed .com
NeuCoin $2,500,000 Seed .org
FRSH $518,000 Seed .com
GoFundMe $452,000 Seed .com
Exaget $796,100 Seed .com
Fixed $650,000 Seed .me
MightySignal $1,200,000 Seed .com
Captive Media $931,100 Angel
Chemistry $500,000 Seed .com
Tiqets $1,000,000 Seed .com
eero $5,000,000 Seed .com
Klikin $938,900 Angel .com
diviac $1,000,000 Angel .com
Doctoriya $100,000 Angel .com
Zdorovio $100,000 Angel .com
SmartDreamers Undisclosed Angel .com
Medocity $650,000 Seed .com
Textio $1,500,000 Seed .com
italist $500,000 Seed .com
Find My Audience $50,000 Seed .com
CustomerMatrix $2,600,000 Seed .com
Uncover $1,500,000 Seed .london
Holachef $320,000 Seed .com
Coursmos $600,000 Seed .com
HiberGene $2,300,000 Seed .com
Trveler $25,000 Seed .com

Funding data is based on online reporting and DNgeek can not guarantee 100% accuracy. To compile this list we only include companies that raised seed or angel funding and exclude companies that raised venture, private equity or series A and beyond funding rounds. 

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  1. This was a very helpful article, One of the names we own is and were looking to lease it. We just sent startup Wizpra an email. Thank you for posting this.

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