Newly funded startups and their (domain) names – week 7.

Lots of funding activity this week with a mammoth number of 58 newly funded startups raising a combined 62+ million dollars in seed and angel funding. Almost 80% of companies this week launched their sites on a .com domain with .co being a very distant runner up with 4 startups opting for the extension. New gTLD .guru makes its debut to this report with two startups choosing the one year old TLD for their venture.

With $4,000,000 in funding each, leading this weeks chart are software quality assurance startup Rainforest and Seaters, a company that aims to fill the empty seats on sport and music events. Both use a .com domain but only Seaters has their matching .com.  The domain name is in use by a fashion brand that goes by the same name.


Name Funding Amount Domain TLD
ebindle Inc Seed Undisclosed .com
Call a Delivery Angel $500,000
Gizlo Seed $410,000 .com
20Dresses Seed $1,000,000 .com
Bizdaq Seed $1,500,000 Seed $1,000,000 .in
Eyegroove Seed $2,200,000 .com
QuizFortune Angel $965,000 .com
Castle Angel $300,000 .io
Gummicube Seed $830,000 .com
Changing Enviroments Seed $1,000,000 .com Seed $1,300,000 .guru
MappedIn Seed $600,000 .com
FileLocker.Guru Angel Undisclosed FileLocker.Guru .guru
Townscript Angel Undisclosed .com
InterviewJet Seed $750,000 .com
Gigfairy Angel $28,000 .com
GenieBelt Angel $700,000 .com
Angani Seed Undisclosed .co
Nimble Wireless Seed $500,000 .com
Trappit Seed $792,500 .com
FindYahan Angel Undisclosed .com
TuneGo Seed $1,200,000 .com
HousingAnywhere Seed $1,000,000 .com
Glints Seed $475,000 .com
Metabolomic Diagnostics Seed $849,400 .com
Bento Seed $2,500,000 .com
Ishto Seed $20,000 .com
TrustaFact Seed $200,000 .com
RoadPad Seed Undisclosed .com
Grapevine Seed $1,100,000 .com
iSignthis Seed $1,000,000 .com
Rainforest Seed $4,000,000 .com
Transatomic Power Seed $2,500,000 .com
Locket Seed $3,200,000 .com
Thirty Labs Seed $2,000,000 .com
Seaters Seed $4,000,000 .com
ArangoDB Seed $2,100,000 .com
Scoo Seed $2,900,000 .jp
Inoviem Scientific Seed $566,000 .com
Cuckoo Workout Seed Undisclosed .com Angel Undisclosed .com Angel $100,000 .com
Zhenih I Nevesta Angel $100,000 .com
Shopline Seed $1,200,000 .com
AdviceGames Seed $570,000 .com
Gymtrack Seed $2,500,000 .co
Listen Current Seed $950,000 .com
TeamYou Seed $500,000 .co
Parklet Seed $1,500,000 .co
Beacon Seed Undisclosed .com
Sortlist Seed $622,500 .com
ALICE App Seed $3,000,000 .com
NodeSource Seed $3,000,000 .com
Unikrn Seed $3,000,000 .com
EmADgine Seed $100,000 .com
UrbanStems Seed $1,500,000 .com

Funding data is based on online reporting and DNgeek can not guarantee 100% accuracy. To compile this list we only include companies that raised seed or angel funding and exclude companies that raised venture, private equity or series A and beyond funding rounds. 

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  1. Very interesting domain list. There are a few that I would not think twice to acquire. But these days, it is about the idea behind the domain that makes the money.

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