17 thoughts on “Say hello to the new DNgeek logo”

  1. Nice logo Doron! And 10,000 visitors/month is really good for such a small niche, so keep up the good work!

  2. Sorry but I don’t like it – neither the style (“sharp” cartoonish clipart) nor the symbolism.
    For me fox = cunning but in a negative way – as in: shady con-man.
    I don’t think animals have anything to do with domaining.

  3. Hard to see any association between a fox, and the domaining industry.
    Till you realize, that among us there are just a few foxes, chasing thousands of hares and eating them for their money. And the story repeats year after year…

  4. Congrats Doron! nice logo but it’s not yet showing in Domaining.com site. I’ll be missing your old logo. Well, you’ve really good content and it’s great to see Keith Deboer’s contribution too. Thanks

  5. It’s a good looking logo for the wrong idea. I see dnFox not dnGeek. The old logo fit better and just needed to be redone. There is nothing in dnGeek that says Fox. It looks like a fox with glasses and a scuba regulator humping a soccer ball. Change it while you still you can.

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