Sell More with Efty For-Sale Landing Pages

Most of my domain names don’t make anything in parking revenue. Even if they did make a few bucks a month, I’d rather not confuse visitors typing in my domain names with pay-per-click advertising. I want it to be crystal clear that the domain name is for sale.

Efty for-sale landing pages do just that.

Efty’s theme gallery will allow you to host a selection of five top-notch For-Sale landing pages that have been fashioned for optimal visitor-to-lead conversion and to sell your domain names through direct navigation without paying a dollar in commission.


Design Spring. Live examples: &

No need to set up a website, create a web page, update the page when plugins, themes or other software require it, or ensure that all the forms are working. Efty does all that for you.


Design Silk. Live examples: &

No longer are you stuck with a single page design for soliciting sales inquiries. Efty’s new theme gallery hosts a selection of five top-notch For-Sale landing pages that have been designed for optimal visitor-to-lead conversion.

Design North. Live examples: &

Efty’s landing pages are beautifully designed without any work on your part. Plus, we update it, keep it functioning, put nothing between you and your potential customers, and route all leads directly to youKiffer

Design Kiffer. Live examples: &

You can customize your For-Sale landing pages with their own sales pitch, unique selling points and even a custom logo. HongKong

Design Hong Kong. Live examples &

You can set a minimum offer to combat low ball offer and tire kickers and all pages are integrated with so you can close the deal quickly by providing an assurance to your customer. Oh and all of this without paying a dollar in commission!