Top 100 brandable domain name sales for 2014

Click here for the top 100 brandable domain name sales in 2015.

I <3 brandables. It is no secret that a very large percentage of my sales and a even larger percentage of the domain names I hold in my portfolio are brandable domain names. While 2013 was the year of the rise of brandable domain names (and those market places specializing in selling them), 2014 definitely was the year of the brandadable domain name in terms reseller activity and end user sales. Anyone who has participated in dropped or pre-release auctions for short, pronounceable dotcoms this year has noticed the increasing demand and knows that after market prices have more than doubled (tripled?) during the last 2 years.

As more and more companies decide to choose a brand name domain over a keyword domain I decided it was a good time to compile a list of this years top 100 brandable domain name sales as reported throughout the year by

So, what defines a brandable domain name? This is good question and many people have different ideas about what is and makes a domain name brandable. To compile this list of top 100 reported brandable domain name sales I personally decided to stick with the following criteria: (more…)

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