Brandable Insider Domain Review #34 – The 25 domains I Bought This Week


Today’s episode is a careful look at the 25 plus domain names that I acquired this week via the aftermarket.  It includes domains I bought via back orders, in the expired auctions and the GoDaddy closeouts.  I also summarize and explain my strategies and approach to value domain investing as I continue to accumulate and expand my brandable domain portfolio.

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Brandable domain name sales week 23.

It was a slow week for brandable domain name sales as we didn’t see any sales reported in the five figure range. The top sale was which went for $7,000 on Sedo followed by the duo and which took $5,000+ a piece on There’s a few solid names again at this list that will make for some great brands such as, and These are the perfect examples of two keyword brandables. A invented name I really like is I had a backorder placed for it but there was too much interest for it once it landed on so I missed out on it.

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Brandable domain name sales week 22.

It was a great week for brandable domain name sales as we can report the second 6 figure sale of the year with selling for a cool $132,500. It is the highest reported brandable domain name sale of the year so far and it has all the characteristics of a great brandable. The buyer is Mera Software Services and is an upgrade from the url. We have a couple of other large sales with and both fetching 5 figures on Sedo. Alternative spellings are hot at the moment with going for $6,652 on DropCatch and pulling in $5,999 at auction site Flippa. Other names I like on this list are, and

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