What Kind of Domainer Are You? Part One: Domain Flipping

After being shot down numerous times, I humbled myself and came to the stark realization that this is a much more intricate process.

Ali Zandi

Before we buy a domain we should have a concrete plan for selling it. For veteran domainers this is an almost instantaneous calculation when they consider a domain purchase.  Beginners, on the other hand, may need to write down and think through their plan before hand.  In either case a practical plan should include both a buy and sell price, a list of potential customers and preferred methods for transactions (sales venue, payment process, commission and escrow fees etc).

Without a plan we might acquire a domain with little to no marketability or overpay and lose potential profit. 

This process will be different for different types of domainers including what I call flippers, trend riders and investors.


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Brandable domain name sales week 7: UltraCast.com, WeTube.com, Convertly.com

We have some interesting sales to report this week in the brandable-sphere. BrandBucket’s Managing Director Michael Krell shared on this week’s episode of the DomainSherpa review that the aged domain name UltraCast.com sold for a cool $14,995 on BrandBucket. Another interesting sale was that of Convertly.com which sold for $6,000 on Flippa. Brandsly.com owner Wenjie Jiang shared on NamePros that she sold the domain name for $4,500 last year and that the new owner put the domain name up for sale again after he sold his business and therefore no longer needed the domain name which he originally acquired for rebranding purposes.

Other domain names I like on this week’s list include: WeTube.com, Partly.com, BitVest.com and DealSpot.com

Here’s this weeks list: (more…)

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The Brandable Insider: Hand Regged Domains Doing Well in the Aftermarket

There’s been a lot of talk in recent months about the rising demand for brandable domains in the aftermarket. It seems more and more domainers are hopping on the brandable domain train and pushing up prices in the drops and auctions. I’ve noticed that, in some cases, domains that were hand registered less than a year ago are selling for as much as $200.

Here’s a few samples from January 2017, as reported by Namebio, listed by domain name, hand reg date (month & year), sale price in Jan 2017 and marketplace.


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Brandable domain name sales week 22.

It was a great week for brandable domain name sales as we can report the second 6 figure sale of the year with Mera.com selling for a cool $132,500. It is the highest reported brandable domain name sale of the year so far and it has all the characteristics of a great brandable. The buyer is Mera Software Services and is an upgrade from the meranetworks.com url. We have a couple of other large sales with Bando.com and Dopo.com both fetching 5 figures on Sedo. Alternative spellings are hot at the moment with Krush.com going for $6,652 on DropCatch and Tunez.com pulling in $5,999 at auction site Flippa. Other names I like on this list are Lero.com, Vinder.com and SpaceCoin.com

Here’s this week’s list: (more…)

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CyberSquatter.com offered for sale on Flippa with terrible “development ideas”.

I just noticed that the domain name CyberSquatter.com is being offered for sale on Flippa at no reserve which means it will sell regardless of the price. The term cyber squatter and cybersquatting are often incorrectly used by many journalist and news outlets across the globe to much dismay from domain name investors (including myself).

As DomainSherpa’s Michael Cyger writes “Cybersquatters have given domain investing a bad reputation, fueled by the frenzy of media that usually surrounds high-profile cybersquatting cases. As a result, the public often confuses legitimate domain investors with unsavory Internet speculators.” (more…)

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Brandable domain name sales week 20.

It was a bit of a slow week for brandable domain name sales compared to last week but there are quite a few names on this list that I really like. HotBird.com which went for $6,278 at Sedo is a very cool brand and already developed into what seems to be a Turkish social site with a Pinterest inspired UX. Another two word brandable that I like from this list is SilentFox.com which also sold at Sedo for $4,000. I like animal inspired brand names and have successfully sold a few of them in a similar price range such as LionCub.com, ShowCat.com and FoxPaw.com. My favourite name on the list this week is Chatly.com which fetched $3,175 on auction site NameJet. Although it might seem on the high side for a NameJet buy I still believe there’s plenty of room for a solid ROI as I would personally price this name in the low five figure range when offering it for sale. MusicKing.com took $2,500 on Flippa when someone hit the BIN button and I think it’s a terrific deal for the buyer. I own a few two word brandables ending with King but none as good as this one.

Here’s this weeks list:  (more…)

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