The Ultimate Guide: How to Sell a Domain Name

Many of us have the habit of registering a domain name whenever we have a great (or not so great) idea for a new startup company, product, project, blog or side-business. But those ideas often remain just that, an idea. And the domain name will end up sitting dormant in your registrar account for months, years or even decades alongside an often growing family of other, unused domain names. These domain names don’t have to stay dormant; starting up a business is incredibly scary, but achievable. Some are scared that their business won’t succeed with little marketing, but there is a new way to spread the word of your business around. Here is a Guide to Email Marketing, the new way of running a promotion to boost sales or announcing a special offer. Taking the leap means you won’t have to sell your domain name in the first place…easy, right? Alternatively, you could use the trustworthy method of an SEO Consultant who will work to push your business to the top of a web search. Either method should successfully grow your business.

Other reasons for owning unused domain names could be that you retired from or closed a business, decided to stop updating your blog or personal site or you acquired other companies over the years, with their domains. If so, you’re probably wondering if these domains are worth anything to someone else and if yes, how you can sell your domain names?

How to sell a domain name?

In this post, I will guide you through all the different steps in the process of successfully selling a domain name. From valuation to pricing, marketing, listing, negotiating and closing a sale with a safe and secure way to transfer the domain name to its new owner and the seller (that will be you) receiving payment. Before we begin, you could also look into the mass-selling sector, like eBay or Shopify, if you’re ever confused on what can you sell on shopify then you are going to want to find out some more information as it’s a great tool! You can use the links below to jump to a specific section. (more…)

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