Newly funded startups and their (domain) names – week 17.

I am in beautiful Ireland at the moment and I am writing this post from my room in the fairy tale like Ashford Castle where I am staying for a friend his wedding. I feel lucky that thanks to domain name investing I am able to travel and experience different places, food and cultures while being able to work from any desk, kitchen table or hotel room in the world. Weddings are important milestones in peoples life but last week was also an important one for the 46 startups in this report as they raised a combined 58+ million dollars in seed and angel funding.  .Com is the dominant extension as usual with more than 75% of companies choosing to launch with the king of TLDs. The rise of .io however seems unstoppable with another 4 newly funded startups opting for this hip extension. Another trend lately is that I see an increasing number of Indian startups raise significant sums of money and a country level .In domain often seems to be preferred choice for these companies. Fundraising champion this week with a cool 6.3 million is Stringify, an Internet of Everything (IoE) startup aiming to shape the transformation of the space. They use the matching .com domain for their web address.   Most interesting (domain) name on this weeks list is by far the one letter, which is the world’s first P2P Credit Bureau.

Here’s this weeks list:  (more…)

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