How much is Jason Calacanis his domain worth today?

It’s no secret that American internet entrepreneur, angel investor and blogger Jason Calacanis understands the power and value of a great domain name. Jason’s first big success was Weblogs Inc, a network of 90 blogs including Engadget and, which he founded in 2003 and sold to AOL just two years later for a reported $25-30 million.

Jason believes the (domain) name of a startup is critically important to its success and has even said:

Great entrepreneurs tackle and solve challenging issues like naming their company well, and if you can’t name your company well, you’re simply not worth investing in.

Besides having a clear preference to invest money in startups with a great .com domain such as his recent $378,000 investment in he has been able to acquire a couple of stellar domain names himself of which must be the most valuable one to date.

I learned about Jason owning the domain a couple of years back when he tweeted about the crazy amount of emails and offers he received from Chinese investors interested in buying his domain name:

Smart #thinking there from Mr. Calacanis because we all know about the fast and steady increase in value for numeric domain names during the last few years.

So how much would Jason’s domain name be worth in today’s market? Not long ago, in an article on Elliott Silver asked, What is the Floor Price for 2 Letter .com Domain Names? to which several top brokers such as Andrew Rosener chipped in with some excellent comments and insights. I think most of us agree that a 2 number domain is worth more than a 2 letter domain today.

Meanwhile, it seems Jason (who bought the domain for just $70,000 back in 2007 for the TechCrunch20 Conference) is well aware of the value of his domain investment today:

So what do you think, how much is worth in today’s market and will Jason sell for a 7 figure offer or hold on to it just like he did in 2011?

Update: Jason just shared on twitter that he has received a $1.4 million offer for the domain

and he’s only to willing to part with the domain name if he can sell to someone face to face since he wants to invest in the company that buys the domain:

Update: It turns out Jason not only knows how to acquire but also how to sell a domain name. It was confirmed in April 2017 by Domain Name Wire that was sold to a Chinese investor for $1.75 million.

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