Brandable Insider #44 – Michael Krell and I discuss our recent sales.


A fun-filled hour of sales talk with Michael Krell, former Managing Director at BrandBucket, as we discuss and review our weirdest sales of 2021.  Michael’s commentary covers all aspects of the domain investing process including evaluation, acquisition, market placement, pricing, sales strategies and more! Don’t miss this revealing look into the domain investing mind of one of today’s most successful brandable domainers!

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Brandable Insider #41 – Covid Commerce: The Business of Global Change


In 2020 Venture capitalists poured over $9 billion into pandemic related startups and that’s just the beginning.   We’re all actors on a global stage of tragedy and transformation that will likely continue for years to come.    For those that see the forest beyond the trees adversity can turn into an opportunity for improved health, prosperity and abundance. And that means domain investors too!

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Brandable Insider #35 – Strategies and Trends for 2021


The year 2021 will be a time of profound transition as we emerge from the ashes of a global pandemic.  Many domain investors have been blessed with prosperity in 2020 and the agile will continue to thrive in the coming year.  The secret formula is  fulfilling the newly modified desires and needs of post pandemic consumers.  This episode features my thoughts and ideas for the coming days of transformation and progress.

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Brandable Trends and The Rise of FemTech

The bottom line is you have to work way smarter and harder now. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you can go out and buy a few domains and that’s it.”

—  Tia Wood, Domainer and web consultant 

The brandable domaining landscape is always in flux. It’s an evolving business environment in a slow, but constant, state of change.  New technologies and cultural shifts create and destroy consumer habits, interests, fads, emerging markets and brandable domaining sales trends. 

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Tech Startup Brands: What’s Hot and What’s Not

“We now live in a world where one-word domains with massively broad use cases and brandable one and two-word domain names have won [the race against product-related domains]. – Morgan Linton, July 2018

In a prior post I talked about 349 recent sales from three brandable marketplaces. I assessed them as a group and analyzed them in terms of length, style and keywords. This week I’m looking for trends in the brand names of 200 tech startups that were recently covered in news reports on TechCrunch.

Let’s see what we can discern from the trends, tendencies and nuances of this random list of 200 names.
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What’s Selling at the Brandable Marketplaces?

Do you like data? I do. In fact, I think I’m an information pack rat.

Because every time someone reports a brandable domain sale in a conversation, at a forum, in an email or even on a brandable platform itself, I write it down. I’m keepin’ a list. Checkin’ it twice. And trying to find out what’s hot and what’s not.

Over the past several months I’ve accumulated a log of 349 recently reported sales from three different brandable marketplaces. I’ve looked them over and here’s what I’ve learned. Read More

The Brandable Insider: Analyzing One Hundred Info-Tech Brands

Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your businessSteve Forbes

Each year, Wealthfront, the automated investment service, releases a list of the most desirable, mid-sized tech companies. Wealthfront believes that the most important financial decision any young person can make is where they choose to work and launch their career. With this in mind, they publish an annual list of the info-tech companies most likely to turn into big business. In other words, the best of the best.
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The Brandable Insider: Creating a List of Strong, Brandable Keywords

Several people have messaged me asking where they can find a list of strong, trendy, brandable keywords. The answer is everywhere and nowhere. No such list exists, that I know of, except in the toolbox of successful brandable domainers. It’s a list that’s subjective and evolves over time. It’s a list that no two domainers will agree on. It’s a list that comes from analysis, observation and experience. It’s the summation of hours spent at sites like NameBio, TechCrunch, DomainSherpa, AngelList, CrunchBase, BrandBucket, Startups-list and BrandRoot. Looking, analyzing, evaluating and deciding the relative value of each word. After a while it becomes intuitive. But in the beginning you need a written list.

For those that don’t have such a list, I’ll get you started. The way I’m going to do that is by showing you sample brands for existing startups in some of the most relevant technology niches of today. Not every keyword listed is a tier one brandable word. But most of them are. So get out your keyboard and create and refine your keyword list!

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