Brandable Insider Domain Review #29 – with Braden Pollock


In this blockbuster interview, million dollar domainer, Braden Pollock reveals his domain-deal secrets including his (unreported) biggest sale of 2020.  Our discussion features his insights on domain pricing, winning at auction, negotiation tactics, closing the deal, selling $40k domains with BIN landers, and more!


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Brandbucket to roll out custom for sale landing pages.

A few days ago I stumbled upon a very slick and good looking For Sale landing page while researching some domain names. The lander was powered by brandable domain name marketplace Brandbucket and helps a prospective buyer visualize the brand and domain name on a range of stationary such as business cards and letters as well as a tablet and smartphone.  When you scroll down there’s a explainer video about do-it-yourself business naming and detailed information about what you get with your domain purchase as well as the buying and transfer process explained. Only when you click the Buy Now button you are directed to the Brandbucket site where the domain name is automatically added to your shopping cart. The page itself currently doesn’t show the price of the domain which I suspect is left out on purpose to increase the click through rate.

Landing page for



I reached out to Brandbucket founder Margot Bushnaq who told me the company has put quite a bit of work into them from a design and programming perspective.  When I asked about the effectiveness of these new landers she told me that they are still gathering data, so there’s nothing they can share quite yet, but they are keeping a close eye and may be making some small changes here and there.  Nonetheless Brandbucket is rolling out the option to all domains in a few days.

These pages are reached by a visitor typing in the domain — if the domain is found via browsing BrandBucket, the visitor still sees the standard (tried and tested to be effective) sales page. If you are a Brandbucket seller I assume you need to have your name servers point to to have these landing pages active.

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