Behind the Brandable Keyword: Ninja

Officially a ninja is some sort of highly trained guerrilla warrior or mercenary in medieval Japan. In modern day however ninja are mostly seen as a myth that derives from a combination of old folk tales and modern day popular culture. For those of you like me, who grew up in the 80s your association with ninjas is most likely one of the awesome guys on the right or Yoshimitsu from the fighting video game franchise Tekken.  During the last few years, however, the word Ninja has been synonym with a range of mostly positive characteristics such as agility, stealth & camouflage, control, mindfulness and zen-like calmness.

Because of the positive connotations company names ending or starting with Ninja have become increasingly popular over the past few years and quite a few of these newly founded companies have grown into successful start-ups. (more…)

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