The Brandable Insider: What’s Going On at the Pheenix Marketplace?

To be successful I need an edge over the mob of domainers that are scanning the drops at Go Daddy every day. For that reason I like to snoop around the non-mainstream marketplaces in hopes of finding an overlooked, brandable gem. One such marketplace is

Last year DNgeek reported on the drop catcher’s new policy of sending all domains with multiple backorders to public auction. But this week Pheenix released some better news. Tan Tran, the CEO at Pheenix, sent an email to account holders announcing that Pheenix had partnered with He said that this alliance will now allow Pheenix to turbo charge it’s marketplace with new benefits like free escrow service, same day payments, and automatic domain transfers.

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Drop catcher Pheenix to switch to public auctions.

Drop catching service Pheenix is about to follow in competitor’s footsteps and moving all domains that have multiple backorders on it to a public auction for any backorders being released on or after the 19th of this month. There’s been a ton of criticism and discussion about’s model with some domainers flat out calling them greedy and unethical. A lot of domainers belief drop catching is based on first come, first served, which is the best way to reward people who spend time doing their own research. This however hasn’t stopped from becoming one of the most successful and most likely most profitable back order services that is currently out there which is most likely why Pheenix, which is quite successful due to their competitive pricing and decent catch ratios is now  following in it’s lead.  (more…)

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