10 invented brandable domain name sales from the Uniregistry sales report

Quite a few domain name investors are under the impression that a pure invented brandable domain name (or made up names if you like to call them that) only has a chance of selling for a high return when it’s listed on a specialized brandable marketplace such as BrandBucket or Brandroot. The thought process often is that simply because these type of domains do not get a lot of traffic from direct navigation they are less likely to sell themselves and need the reach of a specialized marketplace to find a home.

I won’t deny that said marketplace have targeted traffic and repeat buyers but from experience and years of scanning sales reports I know that invented brandable domains sell wherever you point them at and often they sell for higher prices than the average sales price of ~ $3,000 that you see at the specialized marketplace.

A good example is Uniregistry their recent sales report. Since the company doesn’t operate a centralized marketplace where buyers can search aftermarket inventory, it is safe to say that the large majority of their sales are generated by inquiries that come in trough parked and For-Sale landing pages. As I reported last week the company moves many millions of dollars in brandable domain names each year.

Below are ten randomly selected invented domains that sold trough Uniregistry in the $1 to $10k range. Read More

Here are the top 100 brandable sales from the Uniregistry Sales Report

Uniregistry Market, formerly known as DomainNameSales has been a force to be reckoned with in the domain name aftermarket for many years and thanks to the company its initiative to start releasing their sales data a couple of years ago they have been dominating our yearly top 100 list of brandable with 47% of the top 100 sales in 2015 and 49% in 2016.  We still have to wait a few months before we can publish the top 100 for 2017 but at first glance, it seems that Uniregistry’s results in the brandable niche have been a bit less impressive than the two prior years. The company did not report a single six-figure brandable sale this year while they reported six in 2015 and three sales of $100k or more in 2016.

Below you’ll find our curated list of the top 100 brandable sales in the report and if you like you can click here to download the entire spreadsheet of 2,728 sales at NameBio.com
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The Brandable Insider: Identifying Milestones and Trends from 2016

As 2017 rolls clearly into view I’m looking back at the events and forces that shaped the brandable domaining space this past year. From where I sit there were a number of notable changes and events that impacted the brandable domain niche and could have an influence on our domain strategies moving forward. They’re at least worth noting and considering as we look ahead, evaluate and visualize for the coming year.

Sales & inventory are up
Self-reported sales at leading brandable marketplaces continue to improve. Although they’ve yet to release their 2016 sales totals, BrandBucket reported in their May Sellers Newsletter, that “Q1 sales dramatically outpaced last year’s Q1 and early Q2 sales.” This indicates a potentially strong sales increase year over year. Simultaneously, brandable marketplace inventories increased dramatically with some marketplaces almost doubling their 2015 inventory levels.
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Why I am breaking up with GoDaddy and moving to Uniregistry

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past year you’ve probably seen an ad or two for Uniregistry, a new registrar that was built for domainers. Yep, a registrar build specifically for us. But despite sponsoring just about every domaining publication out there I haven’t read many reviews from actual domain name investors that really made the switch to the “registrar for professionals” except for Abdul Basit.

As I don’t mind change and it was time to start consolidating my portfolio anyway, I decided to open an account, move 10% of my portfolio as a test and see if they could live up to their marketing promises.

I am one month in and I have decided to move my entire portfolio. Here’s why:  Read More