57 newly funded startups and their domain names: Noona.com, PartyHype.com, AdventureBox.com

After a big list with some ultra premium domains last week we have a much smaller list with much more average domains for you this week. $172,831,320 was raised by 57 newly funded startups. More than 68% of these companies is using a .com domain for their website with the ccTLD being the second choice with more than 14%. There’s only one startup on the list that chose a new domain extension and that’s Netherlands-based virtual reality gaming company VRee which uses a .world domain name.

Some domain names I like this week include those of Finish medical device startup Noona Healthcare which uses the matching Noona.com. UK based mobile platform Party Hype that seeks to match partygoers with relevant events in real-time and Stockholm-based video game company Adventure Box. which can be found at the matching AdventureBox.com domain.

Here’s this weeks list: (more…)

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49 newly funded startups and their domain names: Greenfly.com, Perq.com, OFD.com

With the US elections demanding everyone’s attention last week, it was a rather slow week in startup land. Only $122,044,940 was raised by 49 new startup companies. Almost 84% of these startups went with a .com domain name for their website with the ccTLD coming in second, claiming around 8% of the pie. We have two companies that chose a new domain extension. ElasticRun, a startup building an Uber for logistics and delivery uses Elastic.run and Dutch web development company Dot.world is using, you guessed it: a .World domain.

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Some domains I liked on this list include those of Greenfly, a US technology platform that enables media companies and brands to source and manage video from high-value content creators. They use the matching Greenfly.com domain name which as first registered back in 1997. I also like PERQ, an advertising startup that helps to attract more buyers with incentivized marketing promotions which can be found at Perq.com, another domain name from 1997. Last but not least there’s OFD Foods. It’s not exactly a sexy brand (it’s an acronym for Oregon Freeze Dry) and it’s also not a startup because the company was founded decades ago. But because they just raised their first round of outside capital they’ve made the list and with the OFD.com domain name as their home on the web they can’t be ignored. (more…)

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