Brandable domain name sales week 7.

Wow! It’s been one hell of a week for reported domain names sales thanks to power broker and aftermarket platform DomainNameSales sharing a whopping 1,500 previously unreported sales. With 77 brandable domain name sales in the five figure range it is obvious that the market for brandable domain name sales is hot right now. With selling for $70,000, fetching $60,000 and pulling in a sweet $50,000 its once again confirmed that there’s a heavy demand for catchy and brandable 4 letter .coms in today’s market.  A name that sold which I personally like a lot but is not on this week’s list is which sold for $180,000. Amber makes for an absolute killer brand name in my opinion but it also happens to be a dictionary word so it won’t qualify for this report based on the criteria I set when I started publishing this report. Some names that are on this week’s list that I like are Travelo, Nona, Varia and GoPlay

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