The Brandable Insider: Are You Still Seeing Double?

If you liked my post last week on double-letter brandables you’ll appreciate the information I’m going to share this week about actual sales. I did some research on NameBio and got a pretty good overview of the trend. I looked at what’s been selling, for how long and for how much and in what letter combinations. Here are the results.

Short Is Sweet – As I mentioned last week, out of the 50 sales I located, only one was more than 8 letters long. Ninety eight percent of the domains had between 5 and 8 letters, including the doubled letter. I didn’t search for domains below 5 letters as 4Ls are in their own universe. I do think that now that most of the short double-letter brandables are taken, we may start seeing sales of names longer than 8 letters but the short ones, as with all domains, will remain the premium category.

Popularity Contest – Some double letters appear to sell better than others. Twenty percent of the sales I found were for names with double ‘t’ at the end. Sixteen percent were names with double ‘i’ in the middle. The category with the least number of sales were the names ending in double ‘b’ and double ‘d’.

What’s New Is Old – It seems that double-letter brandables are not a completely new trend. I say this because I found sales of double-letter names going back as far as 2005 ( $380). I also found sales in 2006 ( $2600 & $2250) and 2007 ( $900).

Building Up — In total there were 10 sales for the five year period of 2005 to 2010 with many more since then. Here’s the breakdown (all are dot-com):

  • 2011 – Seven sales (Lookk, Againn, Vitaminn, Dragg, Greenn, Stayy, Bringg)
  • 2012 – Five sales (Lightt, Neonn, Spitt, Firstt, Sexyy)
  • 2013 – Two sales (Pushh, Whatt)
  • 2014 – Five sales (Listt, Powerr, Biitcoin, Ruuby, Ruuggs)
  • 2015 – Fourteen sales ranging in price from $105 ( to $12,000 (
  • 2016 – Six sales (Racerr, Buyerr, Tutorr, Lushh, Caast, Miicro)

In addition, several dot-com sales (some unconfirmed) have occurred at BrandBucket over the past year. These include Elevven, Riiver, Adviise, Sunnyy, Riipe, Worthyy, Utterr, Thriift, Eppic, Recordingg, Editorr, Rhiino, Creatorr and Stackerr.

As you can see from the small number of annual sales, double-letter brandables are a micro-trend. So don’t rush out and spend the rent money on them. However if you do buy a few, I recommend short, quality keywords with relevance to tech, mobile and other areas of startup commerce.

Two of the BrandBucket sales listed above are mine. Have you bought or sold any double-letter brandables? Let us know in the comment section below.
Some modestly priced brandables that sold this past week. (Source: NameBio)

  • $212
  • $151
  • $415
  • $420
  • $179
  • $236
  • $102
  • $222
  • $501
  • $660
  • $295
  • $146

12 thoughts on “The Brandable Insider: Are You Still Seeing Double?”

  1. I wonder if the last week sale of ‘recordingg’ is yours…what do you think about this kind of double letter brandables, like connecting, divingg, seedingg, chattingg and others? I have bought this weekend these and other 50 like these…the idea is that I have found some registered from 1999 or so with just 1 drop and some they had real businesses build on them.

    1. Hi, Thanks for the comment.
      No ‘recordingg’ was not one of my domains.

      Right now I don’t own any double G domains but of the 50 I found on NameBio 3 of them were double G endings. So they can sell. Divingg and Chattingg are pretty good. I think if you stick with powerful keywords you should do well.

      1. I like ‘chattingg’ but I like ‘connectingg’ more,most of my favorites end in double ‘r’. Yesterday was one more sale, ‘noote’, for 4k or so, so the trend is alive. Regarding social accounts, ‘seedingg’ had a lot of views and likes. ‘Userr’ is great- short, meaningful, well connected to startups and tech and will look great with a logo.

          1. Looks like domainers found out about the new trend…I have just registered this morning ‘monitoringg’ and I received a 100$ offer on flippa….maybe the ‘miicro’ trend will become a ‘maacro’ trend.

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  3. Really thanks for the sale analysis Kate.
    I don’t own any of those. I really think that many of the oldest domain sales in this category have been made for the possible typo traffic. It should cover the regfee.

    Wow Userr is really cool, should get at least a mid 4 figure sale like noote

    1. Hey Xavier,
      Thanks for the comment!
      BrandCow has a unique quality to it but BrandChimp is also a great domain. BrandSheep is not in the same class as the other two in my opinion.

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