The Brandable Insider: Domains and the Art of Color

Every week we see domain names with colors in the expiring auctions at GoDaddy and other marketplaces.  This week it was ($390), ($165) and ($155).  But what makes one ‘color’ domain more valuable than another?

Color My World

Colors influence our moods, clothing, transportation and living spaces.  According to the marketing data service, YouGov,  America’s favorite colors are: blue, green, purple, red and black (in that order). In their surveys, those five colors were the favorites for 80% of the respondents.  But when I look at domain sales reported by I see something different.  It appears that blue, black, green and white have the highest top ten, all time sales for domain names that start with colors.  Red and brown, on the other hand, have the second highest sales while colors like orange, pink and yellow seem to be even less valuable. Purple, which is supposedly America’s third favorite color, seems to be the least valuable of the entire group.  In addition I found only a handful of sales listed at Namebio that included colors like maroon and lavender so you may want to stay away from those.

Words Are Key

The second consideration is the keyword that follows the color. As you know all keywords are not created equal. sold for $15,000 in 2012 while sold for only $111 in 2014. So the popularity of the keyword and the synergy between the color and the keyword is crucial. In my observations, colors followed by animals and everyday objects, such as clothing and household items, bring higher prices than colors followed by more abstract keywords such as venture, zone, mortgage, revolution etc. So this is something to keep in mind when shopping for brandable domains that begin with a color.

Other, affordable, brandables that sold this past week include:

  • $395 Perfect for health insurance and healthcare alternatives.
  • $313 For the diva in you!
  • $215 When you can’t find a riot anywhere else.
  • $100 I like names that begin with ‘first’.
  • $2288 Anything with ‘phone’ always catches a good bid.
  • $207 Straight ahead functional tech name with alliteration.
  • $760 Reminiscent of the guitar brand Larrivee.
  • $640 What every domainer wants.
  • $22 Nice name at a nice price.
  • $116 Hello names are showing up on BrandBucket these days.
  • $623 Great clothing brand.
  • $609 I love any name with ‘sky’ in it. Wish I owned one.
  • $575 Without the caps it looks like this:
  • WebCzar $174 Nice name but will people know how to spell it?
  • $134 Great little travel name at a good price.
  • $551 A play on the Yucca plant?
  • $612 Sounds like a motorcycle.
  • $422 Ticket names always do well.
  • $103 The future of exercise?
  • $272 Interestingly was also at auction this week but it went to the GoDaddy closeouts without a buyer.

12 thoughts on “The Brandable Insider: Domains and the Art of Color”

    1. Thanks Richard! They are hard to find, but if you get a decent one they are one of the more liquid types of a brandable domains and they can also bring in a good return from an end-user. Last year Domain Shane explained how he bought Blue/Volcano on NameJet for $69 and then sold it to a businessman a year or so later for $2500. Good luck with your purchases!

      1. Yeah – like your comments about the domain sales. They make sense. Only if there were ears to listen to the wisdom.

        Thank you Keith for sharing this.

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