The Brandable Insider: Are You Ready to Catch the Second Wave?

Every surfer knows that waves come onto the beach in sets. Usually in twos and threes. The first wave is messy and often breaks weird so surfers avoid it. Instead they prefer the second wave which is smoother and more powerful. Catching trends in brandables is sometimes the same way.

Ride the Trend
Overzealous newbies hand-reg hundreds of domains trying to get ahead of the trend. The problem is the trend isn’t always clear as marketing strategies for upcoming niches are not fully developed. Let’s take the coming Green Rush and Dot-Bong era as an example. When cannabis sales go nationwide in 5-10 years, and everybody and their grandma is looking to buy weed online canada, will the preferred term be weed or grass? Marijuana or bud? MJ or 420? Ganja or hemp? We’ve all seen those marijuana related listings on Go Daddy in the featured section, especially with the trend of cannabis getting bigger and becoming popular with pro-marijuana sites filling the internet with their helpful marijuana is beneficial to us to report here and there. They get no buyers at outrageous fixed prices and no bids on their high reserve auctions. Discouraged and dismayed many of these marijuana domainers just allow their hand-regged names to expire. Even though some of these sellers are struggling, other online companies are thriving, Neoteric Nutra run and online store complete with a blog which explains the benefit of all of their products as well as sells them. Make sure to visit neoteric nutra to see how they have designed their website to be effective at selling these products.

The Second Wave
The coming months and years is when savvy investors can sift through the wreckage and pick up good deals on domains with potential. This week ($110) and ($12) sold in Go Daddy โ€˜s expiring auctions and was dropped from the $5 closeouts without a buyer. Meanwhile inferior brandables like, and are still listed by early hand-reggers for $5,000 each. Note: these are actual prices from a, high Google search result, marijuana domainer’s website.

Rinse and Repeat

This same pattern can occur for brandables in the new gTLDs and in dot-coms for technologies such as drones, virtual reality, clones, 3D printing etc. The point is there is more than one wave of opportunity in domaining. So my advice? Instead of drowning in a sea of hand-regged longshots, try being patient and catching the second wave as brandables become available in the drops and at marketplaces like NamePros, GoDaddy and Flippa. This kind of a strategy may be more profitable than holding hundreds of domains that are hand-regged without much market information. Yes, domaining is speculative but successful domainers keep the degree of speculation within reasonable parameters.

Other marijuana brandable sales from this past week include: $500, $425 and $338

In addition, here are some nice brandables that sold last week for under $200:

  • $55
  • $12
  • $176
  • $120
  • $112
  • $12
  • $111
  • $60
  • $195
  • $12
  • $116
  • $198
  • $121
  • $25
  • $12

8 thoughts on “The Brandable Insider: Are You Ready to Catch the Second Wave?”

  1. As a new domainer I am always searching for the best brandable domain. Having a logo design business helps me see the potential for some names and how I can really turn them around for a nice profit.

  2. I can’t believe I missed ๐Ÿ™‚

    I only own a couple marijuana related domains: and one that I picked up very recently:

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  4. How did TrueWeed only go for $110?

    You are really good at finding good brandables Keith. I think one of those fancy expensive naming firms should hire you. Of course they hate domain investors so they probably woulnd’t! ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Another strategy, as we have deployed is to buy generic keyword domains in the industry… we have holdings like,, etc.

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